22 Oct 2020

Arkage: “Joan Desk Booking solution doesn’t even have a learning curve.”

We invited the Chief Innovation Officer of Arkage, Matteo Maria Ambrogi, to discuss their search for a desk sharing solution and how is it like to implement the Joan Desk Booking app. 

Meet Arkage

Arkage is an Italian communication company. Their areas of expertise are research, strategic marketing, development & code, and digital marketing. They are striving towards creating impactful campaigns online and in the offline world. 

Arkage team

Adapting to the post-lockdown world

As with many other offices, the post-lockdown phase presented a shortage of available desks and a smaller office capacity than before. This called for a solution that would help with managing the newly created flexible workspace and ensure easy reservations of desks. 

Arkage was already familiar with Joan since it’s meeting room management system was already implemented. Thus, when discovering the desk booking solution, the next steps were a no-brainer. 

“We wanted something cooler than Google Spreadsheets”

In the beginning, Arkage created a spreadsheet for tracking attendance and allowing employees to mark when they are arriving at the office. Even though the system was ok, it wasn’t a frictionless and easy solution. 

For booking a desk, you had to open Drive, find the shared file, add a comment, and wait for it to be approved. 

“… it was working quite well. But we wanted something cooler (than spreadsheets), something that’s not just functional,” adds Matteo. 

With Joan Desk Booking app, there are just a few easy steps everyone can master and no confirmation delay. Immediate information-carrying action that leads to a managed workplace.

The Results: “Much easier desk managing” 

“… there’s no learning curve, there was no additional training. It’s simple and straightforward and it does its job,” says Matteo. 

With Joan Desk Booking solution, Arkage has updated their previous system by not only becoming more efficient, and easier to use, but by also improving their office experience. 

If you too are searching for an easy-to-use desk sharing solution, start your free trial of Joan Desk Booking app.