14 Apr 2022

Book anything — share everything: flexible workspaces

When we think about flexible workspaces, we think of how agile and malleable they are. Yet, we don’t really realize how communal they are.

Where before the coffee machine was the most communal part of the workspace, desks, zones, huddle rooms, and meeting rooms are also shared in flexible workspaces. These days, essentially anything and everything in an office can be booked. With the tap of a button, you can book a desk before even arriving at the office. Get creative. If your company has communal bicycles, make them bookable. If your company has workout niches, make them bookable. If your company offers nap pods, add them to your booking app. As with any community, there need to be ground rules: something that helps keep wires from crossing. An office management solution can not only make your office run smoothly but also help improve the overall experience and efficiency of your workspace.

A Joan journey

As your hybrid office advances, your technology needs to keep up. Where yesterday you only wanted bookable meeting rooms, today you want the flexibility to make anything reservable. Joan was on board with hybrid and flexible workspaces from the start. While our solution began as a meeting room booking system, it’s evolved into so much more. First of all, never underestimate the value of a reliable meeting room booking system. Joan displays and the software itself have proven to all but eliminate room squatters and overrun meetings. With the meeting room experience solved, Joan moved onto desks.

The time was ripe for a desk booking solution. After two years of mandated remote work protocols, the majority of companies have turned to hybrid work models. For the most part, these companies are reducing their office footprint and transitioning away from designated desks to bookable workstations. Joan’s desk booking app enables employees to reserve their workstations before even arriving at the office, eliminating the time employees would otherwise waste wandering the office in search of an available workstation.

So, office rooms: check. Desk booking: check. What’s next?

What’s next

Now that the basics are covered, it’s time to think outside the box. How about…

Company parking spaces. With many employees working from home on any given day, there’s no longer a need for every employee to have a parking pass. Instead, reserving parking spaces from an app might be the right ticket. Not to mention, with e-cars on the rise, employees may need to book charging stations, guaranteeing they’ll have enough power to return home.


Workout facilities. With employee health and wellbeing in mind, many companies offer workout spaces, or gyms, for their employees. Bookable resources might include the gym, workout stations, individual lockers, showers, and more.


Games room. Consider this: one employee invites another to play Xbox over their lunch break. The second employee agrees. With a few taps on a mobile device, the Xbox is reserved, ensuring the employees see some valuable team-building time. The same idea applies to foosball tables, darts, table tennis, and whatever else might be in your games room.


Nursing rooms. Hybrid work conditions offer a higher level of work-life balance. So, naturally, it might be time to bring some “home” to the “office.” Nursing rooms require the utmost privacy. With the Joan app, mothers will be able to reserve the nursing room when they need it.


The best part, Joan office management solutions help make the office better indefinitely. While employees are booking and interacting with the office, your Joan solution is collecting analytics and data on

  • How resources are used
  • Who uses them
  • How long do they use them
  • What times of day they’re used

With analytics, you can discover which workstations or resources are the most popular, helping the company plan future purchases. For example, if the Xbox is used way more than the pingpong table, it might be time to buy a second gaming console. On the other side, you’ll know not to buy another pingpong table. Overall, analytics promote the efficient use of internal resources, helping companies invest in what’s needed and used in the office. This efficiency not only supports a high ROI on company assets but also supports sustainable practices. With this information, office managers can continually evolve their office spaces, adjusting and finetuning the entire experience.

Infinitely improving and adapting the work experience.

Lastly, Joan is on your side. We love hearing from our users and learning how we can support your entire office experience as a whole. We strive to provide businesses with options and flexibility, making sure our solutions never hold you back from a great idea. 

Are there any assets in your company that would benefit from being bookable?