15 May 2019

8 ways to book your meetings with Joan

Explore all the possibilities of booking your meetings with Joan.

We are striving towards creating the perfect meeting room booking solution that seamlessly integrates into your office environment. One of the most important features is eliminating extra hassle when booking a room. Now, for all of you who have entrusted Joan with your meetings and for those who are about to, here’s a quick recap of how the scheduling process works.

Want a shortcut? Here’s a leaflet with 8 ways to book meetings.

Book your meetings on the spot

Joan allows you to book any Joan-designated area or check its availability on the spot – now or later.  For booking a free room, simply walk up to Joan and press meet now. The room status will get updated instantly, informing also everyone else the room is taken via your calendar.

Create events via calendar

Are you one of the people always running calendar in the background? If you are, booking via the calendar is surely the smoothest you can go. That’s why Joan supports all of your work calendars. Simply decide on a room you want to meet from the list of free ones suggested by the calendar.

supported calendars for booking meeting rooms

Book a meeting from your calendar

Use Joan mobile app

Always on the go? We have developed a Joan app for your mobile. Simply book any available meeting room with three taps. You can always book, cancel or check up on your meetings from wherever you are with the Joan mobile app.

Ask Alexa to book a meeting room for you

Another very smart way of streamlining the process of booking and managing meetings is by harnessing the power of Joan and Alexa for Business. Every employee at your office is now one integration away from being part of a voice-activated room management ecosystem.

booking room for meetings with Alexa

Ask Alexa to book a room

Book a room in Slack

You don’t have to go out of your way to check your calendar. Instead of interrupting your workflow simply book a room in Slack via the Joanbot.

Chat with Joanbot in Cisco Webex Teams

As every virtual meeting still demands a physical space, by combining Joan with Cisco Webex Teams you can book a room instantly. Chat with Joanbot to find out what’s available.

screen shot of booking meeetings with Joan in Cisco Webex Teams

Chat to Joan in Cisco Webex Teams

The room gets booked by walking in

Then there’s the Cisco Webex Room Kit. When integrated with Joan, this brilliant service will check you into a meeting by means of presence detection. Could anything possibly be more convenient?

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Here’s a leaflet with 8 ways to book meetings.

Book a room in MS Teams

Book your next meeting by simply talking to Joan bot in MS Teams. Joanbot will check for any available meeting rooms, book one immediately or reserve it for later. Since Joan bot recognizes natural language, talking with it is super easy.