4 Apr 2019

Why are conference room names important? Try our galactic room name generator

Conference room names inspire collaboration, increase creativity or simply put a smile on the faces of employees and visitors. They speak volumes about an organization and can make all the difference in creating a pleasant and cohesive office environment.

Witty thematic names that best communicate your company’s values, culture and personality, like The Rolling Scones, represent a perfect opportunity to infuse positive and inspirational language on a daily basis. This instills a sense of inclusiveness and improves the overall office experience.

So, what is a good conference room name?

There’s a fine line between good, bad, and so bad it’s great. While being told to meet in “Toxicated” may leave someone visiting Facebook’s New York HQ rather baffled, there is a sounder logic to Google’s giant NY offices featuring rooms named after city landmarks for easier orientation.

Picking a connecting theme is important. It can either tie back to your brand like Twitter’s unsurprisingly obvious choice of bird names or it can change per floor or per building. And although it’s nice to follow a few useful guidelines when choosing a name for your conference rooms, don’t forget to have some fun in the process.

The list is of possibilities is quite endless. Serious or silly, remember to choose wisely. These names will be repeated by everyone all the time, so make sure people are on board with your choices.

A conference room name is your Joan-given right

The great thing about using a Joan device is the ability to rename your room at any time and to anything your heart desires.

All you have to do is log in to your Joan Portal, go to “Manage”> “Resources/Rooms”, click on the room you would like to rename, click “Update”, and in approx. 5 minutes, you will no longer be meeting in Room 305, but in the Dungeon, Planet Brainstorm or Superstar Lounge.

And since you’re already tinkering with Joan’s settings why not add additional information to the description of each room like resources or amenities available in each location. This will (eventually, we’re working on it) come in handy when booking the room from your mobile phone.

P.S. If your staff is into Star Wars, you can also try generating an awesome name with Joan’s intergalactic name generator.

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