18 Jul 2018

How to deploy Joan in the office

So you’ve just installed your new Joan 6 device(s) and sent out a general email with user instructions. Now what?

Well, if your staff is already comfortable with using an online calendar to schedule and manage their meetings, using your new device shouldn’t be an issue. Joan is an intuitive physical extension of your existing calendar with some additional interactive features.

And if your co-workers never really got used to booking meetings digitally you don’t have to worry. There is a simple process you can follow that will ease Joan into your current work environment.



Step one: Explain what Joan does

Joan is first and foremost a digital sign. The type of sign that lets you know if a room is vacant or occupied. Since Joan is a digital device the content displayed on it can change. This means that Joan will show in real-time which meeting just started and what’s coming next.

Step two: Explain how it’s done

Next, you should probably mention that Joan works in tandem with digital calendars. The meetings booked through your calendar will show up on Joan and vice versa. Any meetings booked directly from your devices will be inserted in your calendar as well.

Step three: Live demonstration

This is the fun part. Show that booking rooms with Joan is as easy as tapping a button. Using the “Meet now” function reserves a room directly at the door and updates your online calendar. You can also reserve in advance by pushing “Meet later” and selecting a time slot.

Step four: Checking in

When displaying meetings booked from your calendar, Joan will show the meeting’s name, the organizer and give you the option to check in or cancel the meeting. If no-one checks into a scheduled meeting, Joan will automatically cancel it to free the room.

Step five: Tips and tricks

A good practice to take up as soon as possible is letting Joan know a meeting has ended. As you leave the room press the “X” next to your meeting’s name to finish it. This way the room is marked free (even if you still had time left) and can be used by others.

And you’re set! Unlike any other piece of new technology, Joan will not overwhelm you with ridiculous amounts of keywords and text. What you see is what you get. Joan is a user-friendly device that can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

Our How-To playlist

Joan devices are ready to use straight out of the box, but if you’re looking for advanced settings and functions visit our Knowledge Base or contact support@getjoan.com.