2 Nov 2020

Reasons why enterprises need to connect their EMS Software with Joan

Integration between Joan and EMS Software has been a popular request for a while now, and for good reason. With Joan and EMS Software, every enterprise gets the chance to display meeting information outside of their meeting rooms in an efficient and hassle-free way. 

What is EMS Software?

According to their website, EMS is the industry-leading resource management platform, connecting people with the resources and space that they need to be effective. Their main users are large enterprises and universities.

Specifically, their software provides access to the latest calendar information and scheduling of meetings on the go. However, there’s something missing: a meeting room management system that could show meeting information and allow users to book meetings on the spot. That’s where Joan comes in. 

Introducing Joan

Joan is a global leader in hardware and software solutions for managing the workplace, meeting rooms, and employees. Its portfolio includes a variety of workplace solutions, including a world-renowned meeting room booking system and a recently launched desk booking app. 

Contrary to other meeting room management systems on the market, the team at Joan has developed proprietary hardware with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. The advanced ePaper technology ensures a long battery life, easy mounting, and an anti-glare screen.  

With Joan, users of EMS software gain a battery-powered, secure, and easy-to-install alternative to LCD-based and consumer tablet-based solutions. 

A battery-powered solution that only needs recharging 4 times per year

Joan’s patented ultra-low energy architecture uses only 1% of the power required by LCD screens. Thus, it only needs to be recharged once every quarter. Even when the battery is low, it can be recharged very simply with a micro-USB charger, which is enclosed in the original packaging. 

Being so easy to manage, Joan fits perfectly into every office environment. There’s no need for a dedicated IT person, as it’s exceedingly simple to use. And when the battery level drops, you’ll be notified via email. 

Save thousands of dollars on mounting with Joan’s Magnetic Mount

Through our internal observations, we found that 51% of meeting rooms in enterprises don’t have a booking system. Why? Because there’s no power nearby, and it can cost up to 4,000 USD per room to ‘power it up’.  When striving towards an efficient and safe workplace, this is just unacceptable.  

With Joan, there’s no need to search for the perfect spot next to a power socket or spend thousands of dollars on mounting. That’s because every Joan device arrives with an enclosed magnetic mount. 

The self-adhesive magnetic mount requires no tools and can be attached to any clean surface, including drywall. So, there’s no wiring, no drilling, and no changes to your workplace. Simply place the mount next to your meeting room door and Joan will stick to it. 

Instead of spending time and money on mounting tablets, simply opt for a solution that can be up and running in minutes. 

Start managing your workplace immediately

Another perk of Joan’s clever design is that it can be onboarded immediately. 

Instructions are included in the box but even without them, it’s easy to navigate the onboarding process: 

  • Create an account
  • Connect the EMS software
  • Set up rooms
  • Pair the device

That’s it. Joan is now ready to seamlessly integrate with your work environment. What’s more, Joan can communicate with your favorite office apps thanks to its numerous integrations – from Slack and MS Teams to Amazon Alexa, and even automating scheduling with Jabra PanaCast. Joan’s product team continues to develop the most requested integrations and you too can be a part of the voting process. 

Joan’s COVID-ready display will keep your workplace safe

Offices need visible instructions if they want to keep their employees safe and healthy. However, the EMS system doesn’t support that option by default. 

Joan supports a split-screen version of the meeting room booking solution. With it, you can feature meeting information and custom content at the same time. Remind your employees to open windows and disinfect surfaces right before they enter through the meeting room door. 

Additionally, Joan will display the maximum number of people allowed in the meeting room to ensure that there is adequate distance between meeting attendees. 

Finally, with a custom button, every meeting room’s last disinfection can easily be tracked. When the room is disinfected, confirm the new status with the tap of a button and Joan will display the information at the door. 

Connect your EMS Software with Joan

It’s time to leverage your EMS software to its full potential with the smartest workplace management system in town. Learn more about Joan devices by reaching out to our sales team at sales@getjoan.com.