17 Dec 2018

Joan at the World Future Energy Summit 2019

As-Salaam-Alaikum! As you’ve probably deduced from the title and Arab greeting, something thematic is afoot. Well, two things, actually.

The first comes as a special announcement: Joan is heading to the Middle East!

And the second theme concerns the super important reason for Joan’s maiden voyage to this part of the globe: The World Future Energy Summit 2019.

Where and when

The United Arab Emirates’ capital is hosting the WFES from 14 to 17 January 2019 as part of the annual Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

The broader ‘why’

Sustainability is the future. Quite literally. Truth be told, the way things are going, green energy solutions may very well be the only conceivable method of ensuring a future in the first place. Therefore, attending the WFES is an absolute must for products like Joan. Cost and energy efficient products that are changing the way we work and live.

The narrower ‘why’

With over 850 companies from more than 40 countries, the WFES presents a unique opportunity to showcase innovative, disruptive technologies in one place. As a global industry platform, the summit covers an extremely wide range of ground-breaking initiatives and cutting-edge solutions that governments and corporations will undoubtedly find indispensably useful. And vital!

Advanced waste management, solar power, and other alternative fuel solutions, from smart cars to smart cities, and much, much more is to be debated at the WFES Expo’s Forums, presented at WFES Initiatives, and networked at other Hosted events.   

As for Joan… although the number one booking system is traveling to Abu Dhabi for business, its mission is a most pleasurable one: To bestow upon the green community all the amazing qualities it has to offer.

Mind you, it’s not a solo act. Joan’s entry visa will be stamped for two devices, Joan Premium and Joan Manager. Due to the versatility of their usage, these have been invited to join three major WFES Communities: Energy, Mobility and Green Buildings. A privilege granted on the basis of Joan being a globally recognized and verified state-of-the-art innovation, but a tremendous privilege nonetheless!


Tickets booked, the level of excitement at an expected all-time high, and the countdown can commence.

Please stay tuned for more updates leading up to Joan’s Abu Dhabi adventure, as we’ll explore the abundance of sustainable properties our scheduling solution is bringing to the WFES table.

Wadaeaan for now!