23 Apr 2019

Greg Bennett, Head of AV Solutions at Exertis UK: “Intuitive, frictionless, and scalable.”

Exertis announced a UK distribution agreement with Visionect for Joan, the conference room booking system. Joan will be added to the extensive list of 470+ global technology brands, accessible through over 12,500 resellers, e-commerce operators and retailers.

Greg Bennett, Head of AV Solutions at Exertis UK has shared his opinion on the latest addition to their portfolio.

Why has Exertis chosen to partner with Joan from Visionect?

The decision was easy and obvious. During the last decade we noticed progressive companies are at the forefront of the next-gen workspace and are taking advantage of the changes: better working conditions, less stress, better meetings, optimized costs, better utilisation of workplace assets, and much more. We believe that in this workplace transformation the use of AV & IT technology may play the main role. Joan is a perfect example of that as it enables an environment where people can work to the best of their ability.

How does Joan fit into the (r)evolution of working spaces?

The technology for the modern workplace should be intuitive, frictionless and scalable. And this is a perfect description of Joan. Joan helps companies to better organise and reserve meeting spaces and huddle rooms. It provides a simple, power-efficient and affordable way to display when a room is occupied or vacant, eliminating unnecessary interruptions and enabling you to book meetings on the spot if the room is free.

Who would you recommend Joan to?

Joan is ideal for the corporate, education and government markets. But also companies from other industries are well aware of the importance of effective and efficient use of resources and real-estate. At the end of the day it’s all about efficiency and optimization and Joan saves organisations countless lost hours and frustrations by providing a room booking system that looks professional yet is easy to install and use.

How does Joan contribute to a resellers portfolio?

We are working with both AV specialists and IT resellers that are providing more productive workplaces for companies. Joan is an easy-to-use system that helps companies to better organise and reserve meeting spaces and huddle rooms. Thus Joan gives resellers a great opportunity to address the needs of both organisation – that want to ensure return-on-investment on their meeting room investment & effective and efficient use of their meeting room facilities – and meeting room users that want an intuitive, frictionless & user-friendly way to book these rooms.