14 Feb 2019

How Joan changed my office: The stories you shared with us

We listen carefully to all of your feedback. And it’s only thanks to your suggestions, ideas, and recommendations that we were able to design the top-notch products that you know and love today. In the words of a certain video game character: “It’s nice to be appreciated.” So today we’re bringing you a collection of Joan customer stories from around the globe.

Putting a stop to unnecessary interruptions

When your image is as refined as Dilussion’s your office should also look the part. Their bright attitude, enthusiasm, and love for what they do are infectious. We’re proud that Joan has become part of their amazing team.

“We don’t need to check the schedule to see the status of the conference room. This is the most convenient part, we can use an empty conference room right away without being embarrassed by sudden meetings or client visits.” – Sun JU Park, Associate at Dilussion

MTD Micro Molding have shared with us a similar experience. If you’re a true professional you simply cannot afford recurring scheduling confusion.

“We are happy with our Joan. I don’t know if it saves us time, but it definitely saves us the embarrassment of double booking our conference room.” – Sergio Melgoza, IT specialist at MTD Micro Molding

MTD Micro Molding conference room

But interruptions aren’t always involuntary. Sometimes etiquette is thrown out the window and replaced with the ancient rule of first come, first served.

“Joan’s ability to effectively manage our three meeting rooms here has made life so much easier. No longer can people acquire a meeting room as a result of opportunism, and no longer can people play ignorant. The addition of Joan has definitely revolutionised the way we plan and organise, and things would be a lot more disorderly without it.” – Joan Tanous, Administrative Coordinator at Cambridge Cancer Genomics

This is the situation at Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG), a health-tech startup, based in Cambridge. Their goal is noble: using AI, advances in machine learning and big data analysis to power a new type of cancer treatment regimen. But when faced with a daunting task like saving human lives often times people simply forget to be people. We can’t guarantee that Joan will change your workspace manners, but it can be your first step in the right direction.

Bringing information to places where this was not possible before

One of Joan’s biggest advantages is its ease of installment. We discovered very early that certain types of rooms need a very flexible solution. Not just glass rooms as we thought at first, but also the ever more popular pods. ECN sent us this wonderful comment along with a picture of one of their awesome huddle spaces. How cool is that?

“We have Joans set up on our boardroom and our office pod. We chose Joan as it offered a good solution for boardroom management – taking away the hassle from our office manager who was getting swamped with requests. The integration between Joan and Outlook if perfect for our office to book meetings either in their diary or ad-hoc.” – Chris Bryan, Head of UK Operations & Networks at ECN

Office booth at ECN

Infrastructure restrictions are not limited just to pods and huddle spaces. Even conventional meeting spaces are not always suited for invasive drilling, wiring or restructuring. Just like BlackThorn Therapeutics realized, Joan’s installation is not only simple but also non-invasive.

“Prior to Joan, we had no meeting room signage (the rooms had no power connected to where meeting signs would be). If our colleagues saw an empty room, they’d walk in and then when the person who had booked the room showed up, they had to leave. Or people wouldn’t know how long they had the room for.


Fortunately, we found Joan. With its self-contained design that requires no external power, we were able to deploy Joan throughout or office. Now, the first thing people do before walking into a room is to check the Joan unit. They are confident they’re in the right room and know how long they have it for. It has also been great for ad-hoc meetings, with the Joan instant booking feature. Additionally, we’re now starting to use the Joan bot in Cisco Webex Teams as well. Thanks to Joan, our team is more efficient and our room usage maximized.” – Pablo Gersberg, Head Of Digital Solutions at BlackThorn Therapeutics

Jason Leo, IT Executive at BlackThorn Therapeutics

Want to share your story? Send us a picture of your office to info@getjoan.com or tag us on social media. Let’s make your workplace better. One meeting at a time.

Featured image by rawpixel on Unsplash