12 Feb 2019

Joan’s ISE 2019 wrap up – see you next year

Our team is back from ISE 2019. While we’re recuperating from a week filled with caffeine and handshakes let’s look at some very insightful, albeit random, facts about Joan’s week in Amsterdam.


600,000 steps made

Between managing three booths, talking to leads, and standing in food lines our eight brave representatives individually made about 15,000 steps every day. How’s that for a workout?

700 business cards distributed

The one thing you shouldn’t forget at home. Just like emergency socks, we made sure to bring extra.

120 coffees drank

It’s called cupped lighting for a reason. Maybe not the healthiest diet choice, but by day five the lukewarm brown mixture was the only thing holding us together. Well, it was either that or the wager on who’d find us more leads.

4 interviews given

We would like to thank our devs for creating a great product and rAVe Publications for making us feel like a diva.

But most of all, we would like to thank our fans. Joan is nothing without you.

3 booths managed

We keep repeating it, but presenting at 3 locations was intense. Our partners COMM-TEC and Exertis gave their all to make Joan, quite literally, stand out from the crowd.

1 Main Stage speech

And if all that attention didn’t get to our head, we sure bathed in the spotlight on ISE’s Main Stage. Remember Lex’s workplace transformation speech? You can watch it on YouTube or download the slides from SlideShare.


Want to become a partner? Reach out to our sales team through partners@getjoan. Let’s make meetings better. One office at a time.