3 May 2022

Joan 6 Pro awarded iF Design Award

The iF Design Award is a global symbol of excellence. The accolade is one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide — and Joan won it.

The iF Design Awards take place in Berlin and host 100 independent design experts from around the world. These renowned designers evaluate the latest designs and innovations, choosing a handful of winners that truly represent the future of design. This year a record number of 10,776 products and projects were submitted to the award panel. Joan shot for the stars by submitting Joan 6 Pro to the committee… winning one of the most prestigious awards in the design world. It’s rare for a design to win this award on its first appearance at the awards, yet Joan 6 Pro was duly recognized as one of the best office solutions on the market in not only one, but two categories: Office and Building technology.

Why Joan 6 Pro stood out

For the iF Design Awards, Joan 6 Pro was critiqued in five fields in particular:

The idea: What’s its purpose? What problem is the design trying to solve? Joan solutions have all-but-eliminated overbooked rooms, room squatters, and overrun meetings. According to raging reviews and user feedback, Joan devices have exceeded expectations when smoothing out the office experience.

Its form: Why is the device shaped the way it is? Does it engage the targeted group? Joan 6 Pro was designed from the inside out with functionality, aesthetics, and reliability in mind. The device is dependable and the wireless design looks classy in any office.

The function: Is the design easy to use? Does it meet all expectations? Joan 6 Pro has no bells and whistles. The design is succinct, simple, and effective, making it intuitive for users to understand.

Its uniqueness: How is the design new? How is it innovative? As the only ePaper meeting room display on the market, Joan takes meeting room solutions to a new, sustainable level. 580x more energy-efficient than tablets, Joan 6 Pro is a leading-edge addition to any office space.

The impact: How does the design improve its environment, serve its users, and what impact does it have on the environment? The best office solutions simplify the office experience, helping employees focus on what really matters. Joan isn’t just another gadget — it’s a meeting lifesaver designed to be highly effective without sacrificing sustainability.


We’ve been saying it for years and now have the awards to back it up — Joan offers undeniably unique designs. The low energy requirements of Joan 6 Pro opened the doors for the device to be truly innovative. Able to run for 6 months on the power it takes to brew a single cup of coffee, the mounted display is virtually wireless. With the release of Joan 6 Pro came the “Smart Magnet.” Where before users had to keep track of which display belonged to which mount, the new Smart Magnet stores each room’s data and feeds it to any Joan 6 Pro display. This innovative addition further eliminated any risk of user error, making the setup and maintenance of the device a breeze.

What’s next?

At Joan, we don’t believe in form without a function. Every material we select has a purpose from our product to its packaging. This year, we were honored to be highlighted as an industry leader with something new and fresh to offer the business sector. The iF Design Award isn’t as much of an achievement as a validation: proof that we’re on the right track. Our product should never be stagnant. While our team has addressed a few generic challenges with office spaces, vastly improving the office experience, there are always more. Every industry, every organization, has unique problems and other roadblocks. Moving forward, our team will continue improving Joan functionalities, making the meeting room system a top-of-the-line solution for everyone.

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