31 Mar 2019

Joan collaborates with Cisco to bring you an advanced user experience

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment you know Cisco. You’ve used their hardware and you know their software. And if you don’t here’s a fun fact: 85 percent of Internet traffic travels across Cisco’s systems.

In other words. They are a big deal. Like components on a circuit board, Cisco systems are the reason offices around the world keep running smoothly.

More ways to access your room resources

We’ve given you a great product, now it’s time to give you more ways to interact with it. This means that we’re shifting our focus towards expanding Joan’s functionalities with the tools frequently used and requested by our users.

You’re probably already familiar with our integration with Cisco Webex Teams available free of charge to all Premium Plan users. If not, here’s a quick rundown: it works exactly as you expect it to. To reserve a room, message Joanbot to “book a room”, “get a room”, “find me a room” or something similar. Joan will, in turn, look through all your reservations to find an available booking space.

A frictionless experience

Cisco is thinking big. Straight out of science-fiction big. Your Cisco Webex Room Series in combination with your Joan systems will soon be able to check you into a meeting just by walking into the booked room.

Webex Joanbot and the new checking-in system were built to make your meeting experience as smooth and intuitive as possible. These solutions will save you time, but sometimes saving face is more important.

During their recent keynote at Enterprise Connect 2019, Cisco revealed People Insights. When getting ready for your next meeting your Cisco system will provide you with information on the meeting participants you might not be familiar with. How? By browsing through their social media or company profiles and picking up relevant data. Why? To stay prepared for your meeting and to better connect with your clients.

My Orwellian senses are tingling

Presence sensors and bots digging through your personal history inevitably raise a number of red flags. But just like Amy Chang, Cisco SVP/GM, explained the data gathered this way is publicly available, non-logged in, privacy-respectful information. Knowing who you’re meeting with is extremely important in certain professions and can make or break deals or even careers.

The reality is that we’re standing at the verge of a breakthrough in intelligence gathering. The hard boundaries between work, private life, and online personas are being broken down. Not by big corporations, but by us, the users. The age of cognitive collaboration is now, so why not make the best of it?

Don’t just ride the office transformation wave. Own it. Write to support@getjoan.com for more info on our upcoming features and a chance to be part of our beta tester team.