9 Oct 2018

Joan hosting explained

To understand why our devices need hosting, you first need to understand how they actually work. Joan is what the tech industry likes to call a “thin client device”.

But what does it mean? In Joan’s case, this means that when you tap the screen the device will send commands to a server, which will, in turn, send back image data. In other words, it’s the server that tells Joan which pictures pop up on which device.

Ok, so far so good. Now on to the real questions.

Why does Joan need hosting?

Joan devices need to be connected to a server. If there is no server to tell the device what to display, the device simply doesn’t work. As of right now, you can either chose to set up a private server or host your devices in our cloud.

Which type of hosting is right for your business?

For companies purchasing a smaller number of devices, we usually suggest cloud hosting as this not only guarantees your devices will always be up to date and running, it also gives you access to our awesome in-house support team, who can help you set up and customize your Joan devices, but also solve any device-related problems you might be having.

Bigger companies often prefer on-premise hosting, as they usually have a dedicated IT team that can take care of device and server maintenance and possibly troubleshoot any unexpected issues.

If you’re looking for a more detailed and technical approach on hosting feel free to read through our Knowledge Base.