16 Sep 2019

Joan is going to Product Hunt with its latest solution

In 2018, 1.5 million meetings were scheduled on our Joan devices. It’s the number we’ve never dreamed about and it makes us extremely proud that Joan is improving meetings worldwide. The question following these results is clear: “What challenge can we conquer next?”

This year we have already launched 2 new products – Joan 6 and Joan 13. Joan 6 is a touch-screen device ready to hang next to meeting rooms and other office spaces. It offers many features but most importantly, it enables booking meeting rooms right on the spot. Similar to Joan 6, Joan 13 gives information on meeting room availability. Its bigger screen enables showing the status of up to nine meeting rooms and is perfect for gaining an overview. 

Fast forward a few months, we have created a solution for your existing office TVs, Joan on displays. While we still believe the perfect combination for managing meeting rooms lays in our hardware and software, we do understand that leveraging your existing audio-video equipment is a must. 

With that in mind, there’s a new era starting this October. We are launching our latest solution on Product Hunt.

Awesome! … what is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is the world’s most famous community for featuring the best new products. It’s a site for geeking-out about the latest software, hardware, apps, and other solutions. 

Each day there’s a fresh list of solutions everyone can contribute to. Typically speaking, a “hunter” needs to recommend your product to be featured up there. But you can also be your own hunter. Empowerment!

Once your product is listed, there’s a chance for you to get out there. Everyone has the opportunity to upvote it and leave a comment. The more popular you get, the higher you are on the daily board, and more people get a chance to see you. 

From small startups to big brands like Nike, everyone is rubbing elbows to get up there, among the top 5. 

Why are we talking about this?

We are simply bold. Looking for new opportunities to improve meeting culture and feature solutions. It would not be in the spirit of Joan if we didn’t join the community. Instead of simply joining, we are preparing something special. 

On October 1st, we’ll post a brand new video, landing page (and blog post), announcing a completely fresh solution for every office out there. 

What is there to expect? One thing is for sure, it’s going to be simple. From the moment you’ll hear about it to testing it out, it’ll take 5 minutes. That’s right. It’ll take 5 minutes to start managing your meeting rooms. Does that give you goosebumps?

5 minutes is all that separates your office from ending meeting interruptions, double-bookings, constant search for meeting rooms and your on-going meetings. 

Start managing your office spaces in a matter of minutes… Today?

Well, not exactly. 

What you can do today is sign-up to Product Hunt (if you haven’t already) and follow us on social media. We will keep posting updates and make sure you’re one of the first ones to start testing the latest solution. 

I’ve heard that people who stay in touch are the first ones to receive news about our new products 😉 Follow us on Facebook and stay in touch