19 Aug 2019

Joan is the simplest meeting room booking system

In a world full of complicated solutions, we strive towards simplicity. We believe every single office gadget must be designed for everyone to use. Not just for tech-savvy and IT people, but also for someone to whom tech skills are not that close. 

Joan is designed to help everyone. From interns to managers and data scientists, everyone will learn and love Joan in a matter of minutes. 

Day 1

Once you get Joan it connects to your existing company calendars and wi-fi. No new software is needed. Everyone can continue to use their system whether it’s G Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCalendar or CollegeNET’s 25Live.

Day 2 to infinity…

Joan is managed in the Joan Portal. On your Day 1, you’ll create an account which will be later on used for managing working hours, customization, and all the other features we offer. Its intuitive design enables switching between functionalities in seconds. 

What about everyone else in the company?

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, we’re all about simplicity. You can book a meeting room in 7 different ways – from booking on the spot to asking Alexa to do it for you. For the less innovative ones – simply book a meeting in your company calendar and add a room of your choice. The meeting room status will update across the company for everyone to see. 

Our solutions ooze simplicity with their design. Joan 6 offers a max of 3 buttons, so there is simply no room left for the confusion. Our larger, non-touch screen device, Joan 13 offers an overview of up to 9 rooms and availability of up to 9 co-workers. Black screen means taken, white screen means free. The screen says until when the meeting room is taken and for what reason. Scarcity of information and color-coded design give you just the right amount of information to introduce clarity without complexity.