10 Apr 2019

Another perfect match: Joan partners with Exertis CapTech!

Building a network of trusted partners is an important step for every growing business. Our collaboration with established AV giants gives Joan a whole new level of credibility and proves that we made it into the big leagues.

Two groups one vision

Joan has partnered with Exertis CapTech, one of Northern Europe’s largest distributors of IT hardware, AV products, Entertainment, and PC manufacturers, who recognize the increasing demand for room booking systems.

Talking about the new partnership and the benefits of adopting Joan, Exertis CapTech’s AV Business Director, Fredrik Tidemar, said that it represents an extremely important addition to meeting room solutions, within any environment.  

After his company signed the distribution agreement with Visionect, Fredrick Tidemar added: “Their clear focus and uncomplicated products that support various platforms will be a perfect complement to our existing portfolio in this category.”

The feeling is mutual. Partnering with a company, which collaborates with over 250 suppliers and more than 4000 retailers, is not only an excellent business opportunity but one that follows the common mission of creating smarter, more productive workplaces.

Ensuring a frictionless experience

Delighted with the partnership, Lex de Grijs, Joan’s Sales Director for Western Europe, explains that “progressive companies are at the forefront of next-gen workspaces” and are striving for “better working conditions, less stress, better meetings, optimized costs, better utilization of workplace assets, etc.” – all of which is right up Joan’s ally, making the system a most welcome addition to Exertis CapTech’s AV and IT solutions.

The fact that Exertis CapTech is part of the Exertis Group, one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers, means that an unprecedented number of companies may soon be making use of Joan’s scheduling features.

Don’t just ride the workplace transformation wave. Lead it. Become one of our trusted partners.