25 Jul 2019

Introducing Joan Team grid – your team at a glance

Ask and it shall be given to you. Thanks to your always insightful and informed feedback you can now upgrade your Joan 13 devices with a brand spanking new Joan functionality – Team grid.

Display your co-workers’ calendars

Why would you do that? Well, let’s think about your office for a minute. How is it structured? We have a slight suspicion that it’s open-plan and that’s exactly what Team grid was designed for.

Replace Joan’s default interface with an overview of up to nine of your co-workers’ personal calendars. This way you can check if the person you’re trying to find is available or engaged in a meeting.

“Sorry, do you have a minute?” Do I? Check my Joan

Minimize distractions and unnecessary interruptions. Designate a Do Not Disturb time slot in your calendar and display it right at your post.

You might have to give your co-workers the stick and carrot treatment at first. But once they get the hang of it you’ll see that looking at a device before disturbing someone will become second nature to anyone working in your office.

How can I start using Team grid?

Team grid is functionality on Joan 13, available with our standard and premium plans. Check out our knowledge base to learn more about it and how to change it. It’s easily done in the Joan portal with a few clicks. The best part? Switch between functionalities at any time for the most versatile use of your device.