28 Nov 2022

Joan wins two NY Product Design Awards!

It seems that betting on Joan is a safe gamble. Our team has been picking up design awards all around the world! In our latest endeavor, Joan was honored with not one, but two NY Product Design awards.

For the 2022 competitive year, the NY Product Design Awards accepted more than 800 entries from 24 countries, all who “have [proven] their mettle in an industry that is ever-evolving, they truly represent the very best their field has to offer” (Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of the International Awards Associate).

While there were hundreds of great designs, all worth their salt, Joan stood one step above all the others.

What are the NY Product Design Awards?

The NY Product design awards event was first launched to shed a spotlight on talented product designers, teams, and manufacturers worldwide. The organization doesn’t limit its selection pool, but welcomes all designs from independent inventors to established companies.

The committee is composed of highly-respected, distinguished, and experienced professionals from a diverse range of marketing and advertising backgrounds. These judges are tasked with identifying designs that are well thought out, aesthetically pleasing, and all-in-all improve one’s daily life. IOW, Joan 6 Pro in a nutshell.


What Joan 6 Pro won

Our Joan 6 Pro ultra-low power room scheduler struck gold in two categories:

Digital Devices & Technology - Digital Paper
Joan 6 Pro runs on perfected e-paper technology and is made of state-of-the-art aluminum and glass. The Joan 6 Pro meeting room scheduler is as aesthetically pleasing as top-of-the-line smartphones and tablets. Time and time again, Joan has improved office life, all but eliminating no shows, room squatters, and overrun meetings.

Digital Devices & Technology - Eco-Sustainable Technologies
No doubt, the judges committee was blown away by Joan 6 Pro’s battery life. Each device can run up to six months on a single charge. E-paper technology is 99% more efficient than traditional LCDs. Made of sustainable materials and boasting the lowest power consumption in the industry, it’s no wonder the Joan 6 Pro wireless room display won the eco-sustainable award category.


What this means for Joan

In the end, the NY Design awards feature great designs from dreamers around the world. The Joan team is honored to be recognized as makers of a gold-level product.  

Our team is passionate about our customers and customer experience. We know how they feel: we’ve all experienced the stress of a chaotic workplace. As a result, Joan is improving the workplace experience one office at a time. Every time our products are recognized by industry leaders, we get to help more people.

“The Joan team is a team of dreamers who’ve designed a stress-free, innovative office solution. We’re honored to be recognized by the NY Product Design award committee as one of the top designers in our industry.”
Rok Zalar (CEO)

The Joan workplace management solution covers all company resources, including meeting room reservations, desk booking, visitor registration, office wayfinding, and asset management. Where there’s a need, Joan finds a way.

Joan products are available worldwide through our certified distributors.  

For more information about Joan products and how they can smooth out your work environment, contact our Sales team.