21 Mar 2019

The ins and outs of managing Joan

If your organization has adopted Joan to manage your meeting spaces, it means there is someone at the office who is in charge of managing Joan. A designated “Joan sheriff”, if you will. Now, let’s say this person leaves the organization and consequently has to pass the Joan torch on to someone else. What now?

We prepared a short walkthrough for just such an occasion.

Joan who?

If you’re destined to become the new Joan sheriff, the first thing your predecessor will have to explain, especially if you’re not a veteran end-user, is how the device operates and where to find additional information about it. Your prime destination for anything Joan-related is, of course, Joan’s Knowledge Base.

In-the-cloud or on-premises

Depending on the type of hosting your company selected, your responsibilities as a freshly baked Joan sheriff may vary. If you’re not sure which of the two you’re currently using, sign in to the Joan Portal and check the Hosting & Billing section under the Settings tab.

If your devices are connected to your own infrastructure, your Joan sheriff is directly responsible for their maintenance and should be well-versed in the necessary IT. Conversely, if you opted for Joan’s cloud subscription our team is already doing the heavy lifting for you. Switching from on-premises to cloud and vice versa can be done at any time.

Learning the ropes

Now that you’ve taken a tight grasp of the Joan baton, you’re ready to receive some basic tips regarding the device’s features.

These include language settings, custom logo, everyone’s favorite warm welcome feature, and many more.

Another fun aspect of managing Joan is the custom content option, which gives the device a wonderful personal touch.

Then there’s the device’s mobile app – an extension you should definitely master to allow your team easy bookings when on the go.

We all have a work schedule to keep and Joan is no exception. By setting Joan’s office hours, you can regulate when the device will be operational. Also important to note is that this feature influences Joan’s battery life, so be sure not to overwork you trusted room scheduler.

Staying on the subject of battery autonomy, although Joan devices are exceptionally sustainable, you will have to recharge them at some point. In addition to reading about certain tips and tricks regarding the matter, we strongly recommend you charge Joan via AC power sockets and not computers.

Congratulations, you are now a certified Joan minder! And as you take the wheel, do not forget: Our online and offline support team is always at your disposal.