29 Oct 2018

No tricks. Only treats.

On a cold October night, the Joan team decided to shoot a spooky Halloween video.




She could feel the drop in temperature. Was it this cold before? A shiver crawled up her spine like a hundred little millipede feet. Something’s hiding in the grass. What is it? No time to hesitate. Her instincts kicked in and her heart started racing as she bolted for the nearest building.


Spooktober is almost over, but we’re not letting it go without a parting gift. This is not the greatest spooky video out there, no. This is just a tribute. A tribute to all of our favorite horror movies. Let us show you how we filmed it.

We gathered up the Scooby Gang and set out into the cold, cold night.


Luckily we didn’t have to venture far off the beaten path as the conveniently overgrown bike lane behind our offices turned out to be the perfect nesting area for our “monster”.


Late night jogging is the best. Especially when you’re not the one doing it. Meanwhile, our camera guy, producer and male lead (who was holding the spotlight) were chasing our English teacher through the parking lot. Luckily one of our shelving units is stocked with promotional t-shirts we can sacrifice in those rare occasions when we actually break a sweat.


To make up for the burned calories and keep our sugar levels high, a pizza snack was in order. Although our business meeting extras were not too thrilled about the idea of putting their costumes in harm’s way.


Sometimes the planets align and things just fit into place, which is exactly what happened with our lead’s purely coincidental yet incredibly genre-appropriate red coat.


Tired but happy we finally wrapped up the shooting late into the night.