24 May 2024

How Pax8 Enhances Connectivity and Workplace Efficiency with Joan


In the fast-evolving realm of cloud technology, Pax8 has established itself as the leading cloud commerce marketplace for managed service providers globally.

Our conversation with key team members, including Simon Green, Chief Information Officer, and Toby Isaacs, Director of Internal Communications, highlighted their strategic approach to workplace design and the integration of Joan's solutions and devices.

Innovation at the Core of Pax8's Strategy

At Pax8, innovation isn't just a buzzword—it's the cornerstone of their operations. With a diverse workforce spread across the globe, Pax8 has embraced the challenge of maintaining a cohesive company culture and efficient communication. 

This challenge brought them to Joan, a solution that has revolutionized their management of meeting spaces across their offices.

Adapting to the Dynamics of a Global Team

Simon shared insights into the complexities of managing a distributed team that occupies numerous small offices worldwide. "One of the unique aspects of our setup is the presence of mini-startups within the company. Each office operates semi-autonomously, which presents unique scaling challenges," Simon explained.

The introduction of Joan has enabled Pax8 to maintain a unified operational approach, particularly in managing their meeting spaces effectively. The use of Joan devices across their offices has streamlined room reservations and enhanced the visibility of room availability, which is crucial for a company with a global footprint.


Pax8 Vision for the Future of the Workplace

The pandemic has spurred a dramatic shift in how Pax8 views office space. Today's workplaces are evolving into dynamic hubs designed to entice employees back from the comfort of their homes. It's not just about productivity anymore; companies are recognizing the value of creating an environment that fosters collaboration, social interaction, and overall well-being. This means incorporating innovative design features, and even high-end amenities like catering services. 

By catering to a wider range of employee needs, with both vibrant city center locations and quieter suburban options, companies are transforming the office into a destination – a place where employees want to be, not just where they have to work.

Joan's Impact: A Testimony to Improved Efficiency and Connectivity

Joan's ePaper technology solutions have been a game-changer for Pax8, particularly in terms of energy efficiency and ease of deployment.

Simon highlighted the practical benefits of Joan's devices, "What drew us to Joan initially was the e-ink technology, which is perfect for our office setup with glass walls and limited power access. The devices are not only power-efficient but also easy to deploy, which was a significant advantage during our office transitions."

Toby noted the improvements in internal communication within the company. "Joan has significantly enhanced our ability to manage meeting spaces efficiently. It's more than just a room booking system; it's a facilitator of the seamless flow of people and ideas across our diverse locations," he said.


Looking Ahead: Pax8's Ongoing Partnership with Joan

As Pax8 continues to grow and evolve, the scalability and flexibility of Joan's solutions play a pivotal role. "Our continued expansion into new markets, including upcoming projects in Colorado, will benefit greatly from the scalable solutions Joan offers. We look forward to leveraging more of Joan's capabilities as we enhance our office environments," Simon added.

The success story of Pax8 and Joan is a testament to how strategic technological integration can transform workspace management. With Joan, Pax8 has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also strengthened its company culture across a global team.