3 Sep 2018

Top influencers in the productivity industry to follow on Twitter

The Internet, a magical place stacked with countless productivity hacks and tools, is also home to a number of experts in the field, devoted to helping you stay on top of your game. Here is a list of individuals worth following in order to get fresh ideas, resources and top-notch advice.


As his username suggests, Stever Robbins is the guy to help you do just that – get things done. In addition to being an author, public speaker and an executive coach, Mr Robins specializes in prioritization and time management. His Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More broadcast on iTunes supplies you with weekly inventive productivity and organization tips. Very insightful stuff.


The founder of the Time Management Ninja, Craig Jarrow is the king of time saving and a crusader against disorganization. Following the author of Crush Your Procrastination  will give you access to hundreds of quality articles on productivity and inspire you to learn more about various techniques for navigating through your professional and personal life.   


The bestselling author of The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time, Penny Zenker is a strategic business coach, international speaker and trainer. By applying human psyche and behaviour studies to business management, Penny offers many an unconventional approach to boosting productivity. With fun talks and a positive “asstitude”, this lady knows her craft and knows it well.


Deb Allison Lee is a professional organizer, a digital business coach, a public speaker and a productivity consultant. She has amazing tips on how to utilize technology to our maximum advantage and many more on productivity in general. Deb also discusses Apps, social media, organizing, blogging, and more. 


Looking for a brilliant tutor on career development, time management, work-life balance, and the glue that holds it all together – productivity? Look no further, here’s Laura Vanderkam. Her humorous, down-to-earth and well-thought-out approach to productivity is guaranteed to ignite a spark or two.


Mike Gardner, a.k.a. The Time Doctor, will cure any ailment relating to productivity.  His practical tips for addressing common and not so common productivity issues found in his book and in his articles will keep you on your toes. Mastering time is the essence of efficiency, so make sure to book an appointment on Twitter.