2 Oct 2018

Turn your office into a smart office

When you think of the word “smart” in combination with anything, what is the first association that pops up? Something connected with high-tech, right? In the corporate world that would mean companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Tesla, Visionect, etc., right? Well, not quite.

Nowadays, any company, regardless of the nature of its business, has a strong affiliation with tech advancements in one form or another. Hence, not to write a post on why transforming your office into a smart office is the logical next step would be unforgivable.

Everything’s connected

The key player behind this phenomenon is the palpable spread of the Internet of Things. Its mission: to make our lives easier through interconnecting the physical workplace with the digital realm. Let’s elaborate.

The IoT ecosystem raises your office’s intelligence by integrating smart, often app-based devices via the Internet. This creates a list of new possibilities for improving the work environment on all levels. Let’s elaborate further. With examples.

On the safe side

Conventional locks and keys are becoming yesterday’s news. Replacing them with electronic access control devices means losing an access card no longer represents a threat of unauthorised entry by a third-party. Workplace security can now be managed using a smartphone app. Along with other smart gadgets, cloud-enabled access control systems allow remote commands and premises monitoring at any given time.

Keeping cool when things heat up

We’re all uncomfortably aware of those irritating disputes we get into over setting the right AC temperature. Dispute no more! Smart office sensors, like a heating system that responds to changing weather or tracks workspace usage patterns, will turn your stay at the office into a much more comfortable and healthier one. In addition to thermostats, smart lights brighten up or dim down your office, depending on your preferences. Not to mention the positive effect on energy consumption.

Smart furniture

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Even furniture is getting smarter. Strictly speaking, they don’t exactly fall under IoT gadgetry, but inbuilt wireless phone-charging stations and USB ports will plant a smile on employees and clients alike. Then there’s the adjustable desk, which makes sure your spine withstands all the unnatural positions office life throws at it.

Flexibility of presentation and collaboration  

Now that you feel safe and cosy and are sitting (or standing) in an upright position, you can start contemplating on the matter of improving workforce productivity and collaboration. No more tons of stationary equipment and indistinguishable doodles. Digital flip charts,  smart boards and other interactive digital signage are neater. And greener.

These tools attribute greatly to the employee experience, bringing people together and allowing them to share ideas instantaneously. Global and in-house marketing and cooperation has never been simpler or more transparent. As a result, productivity and creativity are bound to flourish.    

Did you think we’d forget about Joan?

Without an e-paper meeting room booking and scheduling system, even the smartest office is just another office. That’s right, rooms will remain redundantly vacant or overbooked, meeting intrusions will occur much too often, and a humongous amount of time and resources will be wasted. Avoid this chaos by setting up Joan ASAP!


Does having higher business efficiency, long-term sustainability and a happier bunch of employees sound appealing? Of course it does. Then take that next step quickly and heed the words of Stewart Brand: “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” The smartest thing to do is go smart.