8 Apr 2018

Smart and slick go hand in hand: Joan nabs another Red Dot design award

The proof is in the pudding. Another Red Dot design award means Joan’s functionalities are matched by its design.


Easy to use, cordless, with an elegant design. These are the qualities that distinguish Joan from other meeting room scheduling displays.

And these are the qualities that the roughly 40 members of the Red Dot jury were looking for. Standing out among 6,300 submissions from 59 different countries Joan once again proves that smart and slick go hand in hand, by winning the 2018 Red Dot Award for best product design.

“Good design means more than just an attractive product”

“When I speak about good design, I am referring to more than just an attractive product,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, the most prestigious international award for quality in industrial design.

Good design paired with flawless functionality are the foundations of our company. Joan is not only beautiful but is also able to solve meeting room confusion in every workspace, showing real-time schedules, providing workplace insights and supporting calendars that companies already have.

The new Red Dot Award is the latest in the series of Joan’s recognitions, following a previous Red Dot Award and a CES Innovation Award among others. This year the winner was the 13-inch Joan device: Joan PremiumJoan Board and Joan Classroom.

No wonder. With an easy installation and no wires required, Joan is 99% more power efficient than comparable LCD displays, allowing the device to run on batteries for up to 12 months. The display’s sturdy casing is scratch and corrosion-resistant while the glass surface displays an incredibly clear and high-contrast image giving off the impression of real ink on paper.

A seamless design, an intuitive interface and ease of use have secured Joan and Place & Play yet another certificate of excellence which would not have been possible without carefully listening and incorporating our customer’s demands. Fuelled by the insights of some of the largest corporations in the world Joan is the result of 10 years of thoughtful customer-developer interactions.

Said our CEO Jaka Stele:

“This last design award confirms that Joan is the best scheduling product on the market. Seamless functionality paired with excellent design means we know what our customers really want and we know how to deliver it. This is the difference between us and other brands.”