19 Feb 2020

After ISE 2020 Recap: Joan is the backbone of modern office

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 took place in Amsterdam just last week (the second week of February) and both Joan and Visionect were there to show amazing, low energy e-ink solutions. 

Let’s serenade the week of meetings, networking, and workshops with a short recap. 

We gave a lecture on workplace revolution

The whole week already started off with a bang. Tilen Kegl, Joan Marketing Team Lead, and Lex de Grijs, Joan Director Western Europe, gave a workshop at the Smart Building Conference. The room was completely packed with experts, eager to discuss the topics of the modern workplace and tech improvements we’re all falling behind. 

Specifically, the topics discussed were: 

  • Building the perfect environment that can connect different generations
  • Adopting technology that’s easily integrable and a perfect fit from day one
  • Solutions that are necessities in a modern office

SBC presentation


Well, it seems it’s going to be quite a challenge to create an inclusive workplace for all generations. That does make sense – younger generations are tech advanced, adopting anything from day one. While other generations are struggling with solutions that are far away from being intuitive. The solution is to adopt technology that’s super easy to use, works without any extra training and with no additional tools/platforms (hmmm, that sounds a lot like Joan). 

We connected with other brands

Here, at Joan, we’re all about connecting with others and empowering better meetings, together. We’ve started 2020 with a bang and released long-awaited MS Teams integration

At ISE 2020, we met several distributors, resellers, and even shared our booth with Comm-Tec, with whom we’ve been working for more than 2 years. Another awesome experience was placing Joan next to Jabra solutions. Jabra Panacast ensures that people can have an immersive meeting experience (even if they are working remotely). Joan, on the other hand, makes sure the room is ready for the next meeting. Solutions like Jabra and Joan are easy to deploy and their connection places everyone’s meeting experience at the maximum level. 

We made sure everyone mounted a Joan device in <10s

Our team talked with several hundreds of people in only 3 days. We’re super happy you’ve stopped by and dedicated a few moments to Joan. So what were the main discussions?

We could say our easy mounting and long battery life are clear winners. However, as we’ve discussed at the SBC, getting tech that works from day one is the workplace challenge we’re currently facing. 

Joan, however, is the solution to that challenge. It’s super easy to use and it sits on top of your existing office tech infrastructure – it connects with standard emails, and integrates with your favorite apps. And don’t worry if you missed us, there’s still a chance to talk with our team. 

We can’t wait to meet everyone at ISE 2021 in Barcelona! Meanwhile, our sales team is already waiting for you to reach out