12 Jan 2021

Art and Technology: IONNYK Frames Keep it Classy

Display art on large ePaper displays. Contact us to learn more.

Since 2007, visionaries have been inspired by Visionect’s simple, low-power digital displays. From powering curb signs, in-store notice boards, to meeting room booking systems, electronic paper has been sparking the imaginations of companies, business personnel, and… artists?

Using Visionect’s e-paper technology, IONNYK is the first company to design a wireless e-paper digital frame. The company’s new innovation seamlessly integrates art and technology in a way never seen before.

Throughout history, art has been paintings on a wall, sketches in a book, sculptures on a pedestal. Only in modern times has art incorporated technology. These days, art can be a movie, a light show, a sketch on a tablet…

“I’m convinced that technology and art go together – and always have, for centuries.” – David Hockney, one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century

Ever since the discovery of electricity, people have been inspired to merge art and technology. IONNYK has succeeded better than most, incorporating technology so cleverly that they’ve preserved the classic nature of art. The company has created a picture frame that allows viewers to “experience art photography as it should be, without a backlight screen.” Digital ink reflects light from the environment into the viewer’s eyes just like a traditional photograph or painting would. Using this technology, viewers can experience art in a very real sense, as if it were printed or drawn out before them.

“The simple beauty of electronic paper lies in how quietly it integrates with the environment. Visionect has realized this simplicity with grace, elegance and style.” Barrett Comiskey, inventor of electronic paper

No matter the lighting in a room or space, IONNYK’s e-paper displays maintain high-visual quality. What’s more, and where IONNYK really shines in technology, is the frame’s ability to change the displayed photo— wirelessly.

Users can browse through an expanding library of professional photos on the IONNYK app. Viewers won’t believe their eyes when they see the classy, framed photo change in real time. Users can also customize and configure the frame to display their favorite themes and collections, setting the mood or atmosphere of the space.

Just like magic.

Display art on large ePaper displays. Contact us to learn more.

How does it work?

The aim of ePaper is to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink. The technology involves tiny capsules filled with a clear fluid containing itty bitty particles, each about as wide as a human hair.

Visionect’s ePaper displays contain millions of these small capsules in a thin film. The particles within these capsules are different colors with different charges. When electricity is applied to the film, one color of capsules rises, and the other sinks. Because of this reaction, the film changes color wherever an electric current is applied. For more information about the electronic paper, check out Visionect’s “Electronic paper explained” article.

Ultimately, e-ink provides a changeable display that does not require a backlight. The result is that the display looks like real ink, just as if you were looking at an actual printed photograph. The effect is harmonious, traditional, high quality… classy.

IONNYK’s frames will be an interior designer’s best friend, adding a sharp level of modernism to a photograph in a frame. Company lounges, boardrooms, and waiting rooms will be transformed with ever-changing displays, setting the mood of the space. Homes will show off their digital fashion while keeping a chic front.

The frame works wirelessly with no cords or cables to mar the wall. Using Visionect technology, the device uses 99% less power than a traditional display. In fact, a single charge can last up to one year, making this digital frame nigh effortless to maintain.

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