4 Apr 2024

G2 Awards: It’s Always Cake O’Clock with Joan

What do G2 awards and cakes have in common?

Joan customers. 😉

Thanks to happy Joan users, we recently won the Best Office Software Award by G2. And what better way to celebrate it than by ordering a cake (or ten)? 

That’s when an idea struck - since our customers got us here, let’s share a cake with them!

The Reason to Celebrate


When it comes to finding the best software, everyone wants the cream of the crop. That's why G2's announcement of the Top Office Software Products for 2024 is such a big deal. It's like the Michelin Guide for software, shining a spotlight on the best of the best, voted by users.

Being part of this list means a solution is top-notch in one or more categories that make offices run smoother. Think of all the stuff we use daily to get work done - editing documents together, booking meetings, sending messages, and organizing our spaces.

It’s why we’re extremely honored to get the recognition among hundreds of companies considered for the list. And there’s no better way to say thank you than to deliver sugar rush straight to the workspace. 

Joan cake_1

You Get a Cake! And You Get a Cake!

We came up with a simple celebratory campaign for awarding cakes to our customers and celebrating the win with them. 

And it was a piece of cake to set it up. Our customers are a part of Joan newsletter that’s used for regularly sending product updates, the company’s vision and bold ideas on building a sustainable workspace that employees love and do their best work in (there’s also a public version, subscribe here). 

But since we felt in a celebratory mood, we shot out an email announcing a cake raffle - anyone could sign up and then we randomly chose 10 companies to get a cake delivered to their office. 

Thank you all for participating and a big congrats to the winners from across the globe - from USA to UAE, France, Denmark and Spain. It appears we all speak the same language of workspace efficiency and cake. 

joan cake_4

Want to secure a chance to join our celebrations in the future? Head over to G2 and leave us a review

Thanks again for being a part of our journey towards better offices.