3 Oct 2023

Sustainable Synergy: Joan’s Role in Climate-KIC’s Vision

Climate-KIC, a leading climate innovation initiative in Europe, is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, climate-resilient society and to help companies become more sustainable through systemic change. Their focus areas span business, academia, and public sectors, creating networks of expertise to develop and scale innovative solutions for a sustainable world.

In this story, you’ll see what is needed for a step forward in sustainability efforts and the role that Joan plays on this transformative journey.

How companies should approach sustainability

Many companies today focus on optimizing existing processes for sustainability. When manufacturing a product, companies can move from virgin plastic to recycled plastic. A commendable move, but is it enough? Is this the best way towards sustainability?

Bart Stegeman, the Slovenian orchestrator of circular economy and value chain transformation at Climate-KIC, emphasizes a different approach.

“True sustainability requires imagining a long-term vision for the company, perhaps 10 years down the line, and understanding the systemic changes needed to achieve it,” he says.

Taking into consideration external factors that can affect a sustainable transformation effort is crucial - like rising electricity costs or attaining the needed skills to drive systemic changes. A prime example is the forthcoming challenge of extended supplier responsibility that many companies are going to face. Their commitment to managing its products throughout their entire lifecycle, across the globe, signifies a comprehensive shift in accountability.

“Such a systemic shift in any company has to be accompanied by the reshaping and alignment of the mindset and the culture within the company with its long-term vision,” says Stegeman.

By orchestrating systemic changes, companies break free from isolated actions that lack cohesion. It’s a tall task, but a needed course for companies that strive toward genuine sustainability.


Why Joan and Climate-KIC are a perfect fit

In line with its sustainability and innovation focus, Climate-KIC has integrated Joan into its Brussels office building.

Joan 13 in the hallway provides key information for the entire floor, while multiple Joan 6 devices reside in front of meeting rooms. The Joan displays are a visible embodiment of the organization's values, with their presence making an impact as soon as people step into the office.

“My first impression of Joan was that it simply made sense. I knew it was going to be useful even before I learned about the added value of Joan’s low energy consumption and sustainable design. It eliminates meeting-related frustrations that every company encounters and it does it in a subtle and gentle way. I’d even say Joan makes sense strategically and culturally for every organization,” says Stegeman.

Joan is a universal solution for sustainability-minded organizations

Stegeman acknowledges that recommending Joan depends on an organization's needs. But if there's a need for better-organized meeting rooms and enhanced organization among a group of people, Joan comes highly recommended. Beyond the immediate benefits, the impact on users' sense of organization and resulting peace of mind is significant.

Moreover, Joan is ideal for larger companies embracing a more sustainable direction, a change that will inevitably be required.

“As these companies transition to more energy-efficient solutions and align their actions with long-term sustainability goals, Joan can definitely play a role in promoting systemic change within the company,” says Stegeman.

Climate-KIC's journey with Joan showcases how sustainable values can lead to practical solutions that not only enhance daily operations but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious future.

If you’re also interested in making a change in your organization, contact our sales team and discover how you can best implement Joan.


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