27 Feb 2019

Joan’s customer journey: Practice what you preach

When you embark on a Joan journey you never do so alone. From the moment you decide to adopt Joan, there’s a bunch of committed individuals who have your back every step of the way.

Choosing the device that will best serve your organization’s needs is key. Our team supplies you with all the necessary information, including the type of device, the added features that best serve your meeting culture as well as where and how to install your new equipment.

Daniel Ebelike, Senior IT Administrator at Talroo, was impressed by our team’s values so much that he sent us a heartfelt email after his chat with one of our Joan Account Managers.

“What I appreciate most about Tina is that unlike most salespeople, who will pressure you into buying a product, Tina was focused on Joan’s benefits and was very enthusiastic about it. She was very convinced that it will help solve our meeting room challenges and she was right.”

Welcome to the family

With Joan it’s never about selling a product, it’s about presenting its applicability. The 100% conviction in the latter also stems from the fact that the Joan team practices what they preach. At the Visionect headquarters, there’s a Joan on every entrance and designating every huddle space. We ourselves experience Joan’s benefits on a daily basis, which reinforces our firm belief in its qualities.

And that, our friends, is the pinnacle of Joan’s added value. The state-of-the-art technology might make it number one at what it does, but it’s the people who help you integrate it into your environment that make it perfect.

Buckle up for the next trip on Joan’s customer journey when will take a look at how our technical support team ensures your smart meeting experience meets all your expectations.

Until then: We’re here if you need us.