1 Dec 2020

How to choose the perfect digital signage for your business

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What’s worse than arriving at the workplace on a Monday in 3ft of snow? 

Well, not many things. 

But there’s something that beats any annoyance or discomfort – arriving at the workplace, not knowing about the status of new feature development, having no idea the HR department organized a company picnic, and… Are you hitting all your company’s monthly KPIs? Who knows. 

If there’s anything we learned in 2020, it’s the importance of clear and concise workplace communication. Not only for tracking KPIs but also for keeping everyone safe and healthy.

And what better way to deliver internal announcements than displaying information in common areas with the help of digital signage. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to find suited digital signage for your business and how to leverage it to the maximum: 

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3 ways how digital signage improves internal communication 

Before diving deeper into ways of picking the right screen for your office, let’s look at the three most important use cases of digital signage. 

Always opt for business transparency

It’s easy to ignore notifications and problems when they’re not out there, in the open. When leveraging digital signage for clearly displaying real-time business data, it creates transparency and opportunities for every employee to understand the current state of the business. 

By trusting your employees and transparently displaying KPIs, you’ll give them a chance to think about improvements or public praise when all the goals are met. This will keep them included in a company-wide state and break the information silos of different departments. 

Display KPIs in real-time (featured on Joan 32)

Display clear guidelines and emergency announcements

At what point did you have to browse the internet about the latest government guidelines and regulations at the workplace?

If you aren’t feeling confident about the current regulations, think about your employees. Being bombarded with updates while trying to keep the focus on their daily tasks only creates confusion and instills discomfort. With digital signage, your company can bring clarity to the workplace chaos by featuring the latest information. This will not only bring the needed confidence booster, but it will also protect everyone’s health. 

Is there an emergency announcement? Make it visible immediately. Save time, confusion, and improve overall employee confidence with streamlined business communication. 

Improve your company culture 

A study revealed that there’s a close connection between internal communication and corporate culture – in environments where open communication is encouraged, a strong corporate culture is observed. However, it’s not clear if there’s causation or just a correlation between the two.

Either way, one cannot persevere without the other. And digital signage is here to support it. 

Show your organizational structure (displayed on Joan 32)

Here are some ideas on how to boost your corporate culture:

  • Feature the best achievement of the week
  • Display weekly internal newsletters and keep everyone in the loop 
  • Show fun facts about your employees (and even gamify it)
  • Inform your team members on group activities that are happening in the following days 

Each of these will help significantly with keeping people informed, entertained, and connected with your company’s values. 

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Which digital signage is the best for your workplace?

There are several factors that need to be considered. But before we dive deeper into evaluating hardware… Do you already have TVs installed in your office building? Leverage your existing TVs for featuring custom content and meeting information with Joan on displays.  

Are you in the market for buying a new display? Here’s what you need to consider.

Wireless & Easy-to-deploy signage

Opt for digital signage that’s easy to deploy and does no permanent changes to your building. 

The standard LCD monitors need constant power. Which gives you a choice between expensive and damaging wiring or settling for a spot that’s near a power source. 

Alternatively, advanced ePaper solutions (such as Joan 32 – read more) provide an efficient alternative to the standard LCD displays. They don’t need a constant power supply as they’re several times more energy-efficient. Thus, they can be deployed in minutes, without any drilling and wiring.

Save time and cut costs by going with an ePaper device.

Quiet design blends into any office environment

When searching for the right solution consider its fit into your workplace. 

Ideally, something that informs yet doesn’t distract. Something that fits well into your interior design and doesn’t attract unwanted attention. LCD displays, in this case, are nowhere near the quiet design notion. With their bright and colorful screens, they attract views even when not necessary and steal away attention from hallway conversations. 

Go with a display that introduces calmness to the ongoing workplace buzz. This will bring the best user experience as it will fulfill its intended purpose without jeopardizing your workplace in any other way. 

All-in-one digital signage

Buying a display is only the first step – at least when it comes to LCD screens. Additionally, you also need to purchase a player for featuring content. This extra component will delay the initial deployment, add extra cost to an already expensive display, and demand the involvement of more than just a couple of people. 

Thus, make sure to avoid these hidden costs by going with a solution that offers all the components from the get-go. 

Joan 32: Enterprise-grade digital signage of the future

Are you ready to improve internal communication and company culture?

Would you like a display that fits your workplace, is energy efficient and has no hidden costs?

Look no further. Introducing Joan 32 – the only all-in-one, 32-inch, workplace digital signage that can be deployed in minutes. 

Unmatched energy efficiency

With its advanced, ePaper technology, Joan 32 doesn’t need a constant power source. Its battery life lasts for months on a single charge and the device gets recharged overnight. This makes it 99% more efficient than LCD screens

Unprecedented simplicity

The device is easy to onboard, simple to install, and enjoyable to manage

Joan 32 is a VESA mount compliant and is ready to be placed wherever you need it the most. No wiring and extensive drilling. To onboard the device follow the instructions on the box. There’s a simple-to-follow process that leads to creating a new account for managing your device. 

There’s no need for additional add-ons. You’ll be able to manage content within a centralized platform (the same one needed to onboard the device). There you can upload messages, newsletters, and dashboards in just a few clicks. 

Without any additional know-how, IT experts, and hassle. Drop the content you’d like to feature and change it at any time. 

State-of-the-art design

The power of ePaper technology is evident from day one. From easy installation to energy efficiency. Another important feature is its look and feel. The advanced display is a paragon of quiet design. Non-intrusive, yet highly valuable. Perfect to keep up with company metrics and read internal notes without getting distracted by its brightness and colors. 

Take your internal communication to the next level

By investing in digital signage that will empower every employee to do their best work – by keeping track of KPIs, internal announcements, and emergency health-related guidelines. 

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