18 Sep 2018

An office that works with you

Framery is a pioneer in manufacturing and developing soundproof private spaces that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces. Joan is the leading meeting room and office spaces digital display and management system set to revolutionize the workplace. Thus it was a bit of a no-brainer for us to collaborate with the awesome folks at Framery not only to solve noise and privacy issues in offices but also to provide a more streamlined way of using these private spaces (from ad-hoc usage to pre-bookable spaces, it’s all about amplifying the happiness factor in the workplace).

The key role in Framery’s growth has been their innovative, top quality design solutions for the evolving requirements of workplaces. Which is why Framery is an excellent match for us at Joan, not only because our growth pillars echo those of Framery but also due to the two brands being top-of-the-line regarding design, product innovation, and ease of usage. Add the concept of no wires, no hassles, no fuss digital signage and, voila, perfect fit!

Joan is all about working better, smarter and more efficiently. Framery is all about efficiency, zero disturbances, and happiness in the office. Combine the two and you are on well on your way to a happy workplace thanks to Framery’s ‘Design your pod’ functionality.

Now you can customize your Framery pod by adding the Joan digital display to suit you and your teams’ needs in the workplace. You choose what you need, and they make it happen.

‘’We love Framery. Both companies share incredible passion to deliver innovative, sustainable, high end and simple to use products that help employees worldwide to be more efficient and more productive. We are both pioneers in our respected industries and deeply involved in redeveloping working environments,”

says Matej Zalar co-founder of Joan by Visionect.