16 Dec 2020

Make your office safer with free Health Screening and Visitors Check-In

Get early access to Health Screening and Visitors Check-in.

Many offices had to close because of Covid-19. And many of those that remained open have seen the virus spread among their employees. The pandemic forced all of us to seriously rethink how we can make our workplaces and our coworkers as safe as possible.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to return to your offices as soon as possible in 2021. And while we all might be relieved once things start to normalize, we also have to put safety first.

You simply cannot allow your office to become a spreading ground for diseases – Covid-19 or others.

Fortunately, we can help you prevent that. 

You’ll be able to return to your workplace in an easier and safer manner by using our two new free features: Health Screening and Visitors Check-In.

What is Health Screening and how does it work?

Health screening is an integrated and partially automated questionnaire that helps you check the well-being of your employees before they come to the office. It’s quick and very easy to use.

Such screenings are becoming mandatory and are a part of health regulations companies must comply with. 

How does the Health Screening process look like?

  1. Employees receive an email with a health screening survey one day before they return to their office.
  2. Employees also receive a phone notification to fill out the survey.
  3. They are notified about the results before they go to work as nobody wants to waste time commuting just to be rejected at the entrance.
  4. If an employee doesn’t fill out the survey, they shouldn’t be permitted to enter the office. If you are using our desk booking solution, it will automatically free their booked desk.

Health Screening is meant to simplify the job of office managers or office administration. They’ll be able to:

  • Set their own questions.
  • Configure when the notifications are being sent out.
  • Set what’s the course of action if an employee won’t fill out the survey before coming to the office.
  • Have a clear overview of the results in the Office Portal.
  • Export the data in CSV format.

Taking care of your employees’ health is absolutely crucial. That’s why we’ve decided to make our Health Screening feature FREE

Get early access to Health Screening and Visitors Check-in.

What is Visitors Check-In and how does it work?

Often employees won’t be the only people in your office building. There are also visitors and they can pose a health risk to your employees. That’s why you should implement a Visitors Check-In system that will minimize such risks.

How does the Visitors Check-In process look like?

  1. Visitors scan a QR code at the entrance and fill out a survey on their phone. 
  2. They also select who they are visiting.
  3. Depending on their answers they are allowed or rejected entrance to the office.

Office managers are again allowed to customize the process. They can:

  • Set their own questions for the visitors.
  • Configure if the host gets notified about the visitor or not.
  • Decide if the visitors have to confirm their email address or not.
  • Create QR codes for Visitors Check-In forms.
  • Have a clear overview of the visitors in the Office Portal.
  • Export the data in CSV format.

Visitors Check-In helps office managers easily keep track of who was at the office on what day and, more importantly, with who they were meeting. 

This is crucial when someone gets infected with Covid-19 or any other disease as it helps to inform the people who might’ve been exposed to the disease. It also helps to decide what other measures to take. That’s why Visitors Check-In should also remain a staple in your office after the pandemic.

Get early access to Health Screening and Visitors Check-in.

Visitors Check-In is FREE as well and will be available soon.

We’ll launch both features at the end of February 2021. Lock the free offer by signing up for early access.