6 Jan 2020

Here’s to better meetings in 2020!

This one won’t be as educational as it going to be celebratory. We’re extremely happy that another, more-than-successful, year is behind us. So let’s quickly dive in and see what 2019 brought to Joan. Or better yet, what Joan brought in to the world in 2019.

New solutions

We have launched Joan 6, Joan 13, Joan on displays and Joan on tablets. These 4 solutions enable a complete overview of your meeting rooms – from their current status to any upcoming meetings.

New integrations

From Amazon Alexa to MS Teams, there are now more than 7 ways to book a meeting room with Joan. Here’s how.  

Money saved. Yep, thanks to Joan. 

Here’s the deal: Joan helps you save money by canceling unattended meetings and making sure you’re not interrupted while in the middle of that important meeting.  To be more exact, we have estimated that the sum of money is 170,000,000 USD. 

The amazing Joan team

2019 was the first day in our new offices. We have expanded our Joan team and added extra brainpower to all departments. There’s apparently a daily push-up challenge (which I’m obviously avoiding), game nights (D&D and Magic), occasional pizza days, picnics and lobby sweets when someone is celebrating their bday. We must not forget about our office dogs which bring us joy even on the longest days. 

We’ve decided to film a short end-of-the-year video where you can see some of the faces behind Joan. And, well, hear about the achievements of 2019.