7 Jan 2020

How to improve meeting experience for your meeting guests?

Let’s be honest – it’s a complete nightmare going on a meeting. Not the enterprise type, where a friendly person greets you at the front desk. Oh no, I’m talking about all those meetings at other SMBs headquarters where you are completely on your own the second you arrive. 

Rings a bell, does it? Sure, you know you’re meeting Sarah… what’s her surname again? Can’t remember? Well, at this point it’s better to just turn around and hope no one has noticed you yet. 

I’m sure you don’t want for anyone to have an awkward experience when they arrive at your workplace. And, to be honest, there’s absolutely no need for them to experience that. All you want from your guests is to feel at ease and ready to rock that meeting with you. After all, that’s what we’re after. 

Here’s what you can do to improve the meeting experience for your guests. 

Send out the calendar invite

Even though we’re completely confident that everyone is happy to jot down meeting info in their notebooks, why not make it easier and send-out a calendar invite. They’ll have a reminder and, better yet, accurate info on where they need to be (and who are they meeting).

Their calendar app will help them out when searching for the right address and even the meeting room name. While you’re at it, add a meeting agenda and make sure everyone’s on the same page. 

Joan also enables a warm welcome email where all the necessary details are included. Don’t forget, the first impression is everything. 

Make sure the meeting room is ready

Double-check if wi-fi is working, if there are enough chairs and if the room is clean. You don’t want to lead your prospect in a room full of empty snack bags from the night before (assuming that people at your workplace are also big fans of D&D). 

In case there’s a last-minute issue, you can always set up a custom button on Joan 6, to call support right at the meeting room door. No need to leave your guests and run down the hall. 

Provide refreshments

 Especially in summer. Make sure there’s a jar of water and glasses waiting for them. 

With the custom button feature, you can also order coffee in case anyone is feeling tired. Got to keep their energy up!

Make wayfinding easy

It’s stated in the invite that the meeting is held in the Skywalker room. But.. where exactly is it? Make sure to place some clearly visible signs. 

Or even better, place Joan 13 with custom content to display meeting information “Ministry of Silly Walks – yearly review, 1st floor, the Skywalker room”. 

Want to make sure you’re running a good meeting? We have prepared the whole book on it, here you can get it completely for free.