24 Mar 2022

International Day of Forests: RESULTS

For this year’s International Day of Forests, we made planting trees as easy as clicking a button. If you recall, to plant trees, all you had to do was engage with our posts on social media - a like planted 1 tree, a comment 2, and by sharing our posts you planted 10 trees.

Another way was also to buy a Joan device. In the week leading up to the International Day of Forests, Joan committed to planting 10 trees per device sold, instead of the usual 1.

Before we dive into the end results, let’s have a look at the impact our customers and followers made by simply liking or sharing our post or buying a Joan device.

The power of a tree

Although planting trees is just a small step in our sustainability goals, they pack a good punch.

For example, did you know that, in one year, one tree absorbs as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as a car driven up to 8700 miles? The average person drives approximately 13,500 miles every year. That means, two trees per driver is more than enough to make up for car usage.

Talking about transportation, one tree also absorbs as much CO2 per year as a passenger aircraft emits in a 2-hour flight — pretty impressive for a single tree.

Planting five trees per month is enough to offset 7 metric tons of CO2 emissions — the average carbon footprint of one person. Well, Joan definitely planted more than five trees with this month’s International Day of Forest campaign.

Also, if you want to invest in something long-standing, trees are the longest living organism on earth and rarely die of old age. Many trees live up to 3,500 years with some even reaching 5,000. That means some of the oldest trees on Earth were around when the great pyramids were built!

A typical tree doesn’t reach its most productive carbon-absorbing maturity for ten years. Meaning, all the trees we plant today won’t have much of an impact until 2032. Still, it’s a start!

Lastly, the average tree in a city lives for only 8 years. Therefore, planting them around your home or office isn’t the most constructive way to give back to the environment. At Joan, we’ve set our sights higher, enlisting Treecelet to spread our reach to plant trees where they’ll thrive.

Every single tree we plant contributes to the local climate, provides shade, and retains moisture in the soil. Our entire ecosystem is healthier from the air we breathe to the food we eat.

In reality, a forested area the size of 27 football fields disappears every minute.

Every. Single. Minute.

Tree planting isn’t the final solution — it isn’t something we can just do to feel better about our impact on this earth. However, reforestation is making a difference in combating the astronomical rate we’re losing forests. Tree planting initiatives are also driving awareness, showing the world how badly we need to change how we use our planet.

The results

Thanks to the help of our customers, followers, and friends of followers, Joan will make a donation equivalent to planting 7000 trees to Treecelet — our tree planting partner.

Countering the Earth’s overpowering CO2 emissions is a huge task — too big for just one company. Still, through leading by example, plus planting more than our share of trees, Joan hopes to make a dent in the fight against climate change.

With your help, we are making a difference that will, with hope, lead to a landslide of differences.

Next steps

Joan has high standards when it comes to making our products sustainable. Our tree-planting commitment, combined with low power consumption, longevity, and recyclable resources, make Joan devices traceless when it comes to our environmental footprint.

Don’t forget, we’ll plant a tree for every Joan device sold.

For more information on how Joan supports the environment, check out our Sustainability goals.