9 Dec 2021

Joan 6 Pro: Improving your workspace with a PoE dock

The best, most successful tech companies all have one thing in common: they focus on their users. A user-centered mission requires more than bug fixes and feature enhancements: it requires companies to go out of their way wondering, “what can we do to make our users’ lives easier?”

With a focus on our users, Joan constantly searches for ways to improve the flexibility of our products. Our solutions are so much more than room booking systems. Over the past couple of years, Joan products have grown to include health checks, contact tracing, and an ever-expanding base of user analytics.

Once again, our users spoke, and we listened. 

This new Power-over-Ethernet wall mount offers a fixed-mount setup with the ethernet cable connected directly to the PoE mount. All that’s left to do is mount your Joan display for it to have access to the internet.

The new PoE wall mount for Joan 6 Pro

A Power-Over-Ethernet wall mount is a docking station that connects your device to the internet and securely mounts it to the wall. In this case, the Ethernet cable is plugged into your PoE dock and the dock provides internet to your Joan 6 Pro display. The release of this dock means Joan 6 Pro displays don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi to sync with your office calendars and with their background lights, their current status is shown from afar. 

Access to power. Although Joan 6 Pro displays last between three to six months on a single charge, a PoE connection provides constant power to your display.

Reliability of the internet. Undoubtedly, the Internet provided by Ethernet is just as reliable as Wi-Fi. But your Wi-Fi signal may go down a couple of times a year. A direct internet connection via Ethernet helps solve such outages and improves security.

Security. With so many companies going digital these days, there are more and more security concerns arising. Companies have more to lose if hackers break through their firewalls and defenses. And here’s another great thing about the PoE wall mount, you’re guaranteed secure data transmission and a continuous network connection.

Room occupancy status LED. Light up your office the smart way. The PoE dock for Joan 6 Pro comes with a room occupancy light that glows green when the room is available and red when it’s occupied.

User feedback drove the design of our PoE dock. Our team spent hours on calls with users, zeroing in on not just what would work, but what would make our users’ lives better.

The perfect tools for a simple and collaborative hybrid workspace

Now that you know how PoE connections can improve your workspace, let’s have a look at Joan’s other shining features.

The best thing about Joan, what’s gotten our users hooked, is the simplicity behind our designs. For each and every Joan device, we strive to make setup a breeze. Rather than provide ambiguous Ikea instructions and diagrams for setting up your Joan display, the process is so intuitive that anyone in the office can manage.

The same concept applies to our new dock. Upon unpackaging, you don’t need instructions to fit pieces together and screw parts into place. Simply attach your dock to the wall, connect it to the Ethernet, sync your office calendars, and mount your device. The setup is like a puzzle with only three pieces: internet — dock — display.

To learn more, have a look at our Simplicity page.


What’s more, Joan displays are made with some of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Glass is made from natural resources via an energy-efficient process that has little impact on the environment. The aluminum in the Joan 6 Pro body is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be used again and again in different forms.

To learn more, check out our Sustainability page.