15 Jul 2020

Joan Desk Booking App – Everything you need to know before onboarding (FAQ)

Joan Desk Booking app recently got introduced in a blog post and a webinar. More than 70 companies applied to the webinar with a chance to learn everything about onboarding and implementing Joan in their offices. 

But they’re not the only ones. We prepared a recording of the webinar and FAQ to answer everything you wanted to know about our desk booking app. 

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Joan Desk Booking webinar recap

There’s a link to the webinar below and here are some important timestamps:

  • Initial Requirements – configurations and set up to get started with the desk booking app at 05:10.
  • App overview – presentation of user interface and its functionalities at 08:36.
  • Desk booking process – see how easy it is to book a desk within the app at 10:00.
  • Additional use cases – would you like to find a coworker or a desk you’ve booked? Here’s how at 13:05.
  • Office portal for office managers – discover how to track office attendance and edit bookings at 14:40. 
  • How to modify floor plans – how to change the floor plan, manage sitting areas, and have full control over the workplace at 18:18
  • Office portal for employees – instead of an app, booking desks is also available via Office portal at 19:37.
  • Office portal walkthrough – discover Office portal first hand as Peter walks you through its functionalities at 24:20.
  • Early bird offer – check out what you can get by signing up for Joan Desk Booking app at 32:06
  • There’s a Q&A in the end, but save time and check out the next chapter with the most popular questions.
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Frequently asked questions

What’s the file format for uploading floor plans?

We currently support .jpg and .png options.

Is the Office portal only available for office managers?

Both, office managers and employees will have access to the Office portal with different permissions. Everyone will be able to book a desk from their desktop. Here’s an article about it. 

Is there a possibility to block out nearby desks to ensure social distancing?

Yes, office manager will have the option to set up bookable desks in the Office portal. 

What is the max amount of floors you can configure?

There’s no limit. Set up the entire office building, Joan Desk Booking app’s got your back.

Does the system keep records of bookings so we can access them a few weeks after they have happened?

Yes. Though the analytics interface is not yet available we are planning to add it soon. If you need to have the export before the interface is ready, we can export the data for you.

Is there a way to mass import users using a file?

You can send the file to us and we’ll upload it for you. In the future, you will be able to do this yourself. We would require the first name, last name, and email address.

Will the user automatically check-in when they arrive in the office (based on mobile location)?

Yes, we are developing two options – automatic “by geolocation” and manual by pressing a button.

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