17 Apr 2021

Introducing a new brand for entering an era of flexible workplaces

It all started 7 years ago when we introduced Joan 6 to the market. 

Back then, the majority of businesses worked exclusively from their offices. Adopting the open-plan office layout, meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and common areas gained their popularity. Employees needed spaces to collaborate without interfering and interrupting the workflows of their co-workers. 

old joan logo

And that’s when Joan got its momentum. Clearly indicating the availability of meeting spaces, bringing order and automation to booking and managing without endless worksheets and sticky notes no one really respects. 

While the good old Joan was the perfect meeting room assistant, the world changed rapidly. And we answered.  

Time to expand the definition of workplace

A flexible or hybrid workplace is here to stay. Combining different locations of work to achieve the balance between productivity and safety. Businesses all over the world are on the path to transition their workplace policy to partially remote. Consequently, adding an additional layer to already complex workplace management. 

With the new dynamic, managing meeting rooms doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Joan’s future expands well beyond being a meeting room management assistant (yes, that’s where we started from). We are ready to own the workplace of the future by centralizing its management with a network of our solutions. From managing home offices, booking desks, contact tracing, health questionnaire, managing visitors, and.. well, buckle-up, there’s another product release coming in just a few months 😉 

Joan is ready to fully manage your workplace – and it shows

We talked, listened, and spent thousands of hours analyzing the current state of the workplace and trends going forward. As leaders in workplace tech design, we vowed to introduce new solutions which not only answer the market’s needs but are of unparalleled design. 

We’re excited to reveal our brand new look. 

joan new logo

The updated visuals showcase our multi-dimensional approach to the workplace. Here’s how:

visualised explanation of new Joan logo

Joan is a centrally-managed workplace management system, built around an ultra-low-powered sustainable display platform, and 5 easy-to-use solutions. We are breaking down workplace complexities with simplicity & sustainability at heart. 

Check out the video. 

Joan’s progressive and vibrant

Workplace is heading in a brand new direction and we’re excited to become its backbone, take on the challenge of providing extraordinary experience while increasing efficiency. The progressive, bold approach simply calls for new and innovative brand colors.

joan new colors

Setting the new standard 

As industry leaders, we’re dedicated to constantly improving workplaces. 

We listen. We constantly improve. And we bring simplicity, sustainability, and colors to your place of work. It’s time to put mundane, granulated, and boring solutions in the rearview mirror and move forward with Joan. 

Let us know what you think about the new role we’re stepping into and learn more about future releases by reaching out to sales@getjoan.com