30 Sep 2019

Joan on tablets is now live on Product Hunt!

Remember this teaser from the previous week?

A short recap: in 2018, more than 1.5 million meetings were scheduled on our Joan devices. This got us hyped and ready to conquer more challenges. But what more is there to tackle? 

So this year, we firstly launched 2 new products – Joan 6 and Joan 13, and then we also offered a solution for your existing office TVs. The path was suddenly clear – Joan is here, to help you create better meetings in any possible way. Thus, the newest solution is finally here and we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce it!

Joan on tablets is a solution for your existing tablets. That’s right, our software on your hardware. The best part? It takes less than 5 minutes to start managing your office spaces.

… can you explain what’s Joan on tablets?

While our hardware solutions are still the most effective approach for managing meeting rooms, we do believe in leveraging your existing AV equipment. Joan is adapting to your office needs in any way possible – you’ve got existing TVs? We’ve got your back. Tablets? Yep, right here. Need to purchase something new? Why not the top-notch solutions Joan 6 and Joan 13. 

Joan on tablets features the real-time booking functionality (similar to Joan 6). It enables booking meetings on the spot. You can even decide on a later time-slot for your meeting. Once you arrive at the meeting, simply check-in. Without it, the meeting room gets freed up automatically, creating an opportunity for others to use it. Sweet, right?



So I can start managing office spaces in less than 5 minutes?

That’s right, here’s a dedicated landing page where you can learn more about Joan on tablets, watch the intro video and even explore the solution with the embedded simulation. That’s right, we went all in. 

Follow the instructions on the landing page to start your free trial. Once you’ve managed to play around, you’re welcome to leave a comment or upvote on Product Hunt.