14 Mar 2019

Joan’s customer journey: We stay by your side

“It’s crazy to think this little visual reminder can make such a difference!”

Replied David Brown, System Administrator at JRF Ortho after we asked him how their Joan journey was going.  

He was referring to the reduction in meeting interruptions his company was starting to experience after adopting Joan. However, embracing change doesn’t happen overnight.

Joan, this is your customer. Customer, meet Joan.

Our M.O. is to make sure your staff’s transition to a room booking system is as smooth as possible. Which is why we feel it’s important to reach out to any new member of the Joan family and help them experience the solution’s full potential.

Like that of hundreds of others, JRF Ortho’s story began by introducing the workings of Joan to their team:

“I set it up right away. It was easy and works great with Office 365,” reported David Brown, “but as we aren’t a big company and only have one conference room, a lot of people were still set in their old ways. They would just walk in the room and start having a meeting without checking the room calendar. Needless to say, it left the people who took the time to book the room very frustrated, putting them in the awkward position of having to kick them out. Mind you, it happened on a daily basis.”

Taking off the training wheels

Our account managers provide step-by-step support and guidance, ensuring every customer’s experience matches David’s:   

“After it was set up, I sent a quick email out to let people know how easy it was to use and see the room availability. People who hadn’t read my email still came to me to ask about the new device on the wall and it has made a huge improvement. Thank you for reaching out and asking about it. You have been great.”

“We’re here for you,” says Maruša, our account manager. “Placing an order with us means that you have someone to turn to whenever your Joan journey gets rocky. Like David, who has been a superstar customer, we encourage all our customers to stay in touch with us. Your feedback, opinions, and suggestions help us further improve Joan’s performance.”

Oh, by the way, have we asked you how your Joan journey is going so far? Give us an update. Send an email to Maruša or your favored account manager.