12 Jan 2022

Looking back on 2021: How the world returned to the office to collaborate.

The office environment has transformed alongside the rise of digitization. In a never-seen-before shift, technology has taken us to new heights, providing mobility and flexibility to our staff and services.

The push to remote work conditions came at just the right time. Prepared with the right tools and technologies, our teams adapted with hardly a hiccup in operations. We proudly disproved the old stigma of “if you’re not in the office, you’re not working” by continuing to grow as a team and an organization.

With that growth, Joan has risen. We’ve not only maintained strong service for our customers from sales to a solution but continue to respond to customer feedback. Your voices have helped Joan products become more versatile than ever. By working together, we’ve enhanced our solutions to manage so much more than room booking.

That’s not to say this past year hasn’t been challenging — it’s been a year like no other. In the words of Michael Phelps,

"There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits."

This year challenged us, but our team knows no limits. The bonds of our teams and our strong ties with our customers made the transition to remote work successful.

The results from the past year have been inspiring. Throughout these hard times, we’ve seen firsthand how collaboration and growth go hand-in-hand as our teams have bridged the gap across remote conditions. Our mutual desire to build innovative products and support our customers has bonded our teams and strengthened Joan as a whole.

In 2021, we released the state-of-the-art Joan 6 Pro. This device is even more advanced than its predecessors, offering a longer battery life, sustainable build, and incredibly sleek design. However, what’s truly impressive is how the Joan team designed, perfected, and released Joan 6 Pro amidst the struggles the world faced in 2021.

The entire design of Joan 6 Pro reflects our responses to customer feedback. Customers who wanted longer battery life and an iPad-caliber look got both. Joan 6 Pro only needs to be charged twice per year and looks impressive outside any office.

Additionally, our customers are looking for sustainable solutions, which we were more than happy to accommodate. We’ve carefully selected materials and packaging to be efficient, reusable, recyclable, and overall sustainable.

What’s more, this past year, Joan took the initiative to plant a tree for every Joan device sold. At Joan, we’re keen on implementing our own sustainable initiatives, spreading the growth we’ve experienced to the global community.

The best part of our latest product line is not how impressive the design is — it’s how impressive are the hands that made it. Throughout 2021, the Joan team transformed challenges into opportunities.

We couldn’t be more proud.

As we move from fully-remote conditions to flexible work practices, our office is transforming — and we’re not the only ones.

Around the world, organizations are remodeling to hybrid designs. Companies are reducing real estate and redesigning offices to focus on collaboration. Desks are being swapped out in favor of additional meeting rooms, huddle rooms, work pods, and other collaboration spaces.

In 2020, we struggled with the shift to remote work. Now companies are struggling to set up flexible work conditions. For offices to stay healthy and efficient, we need systems that work — tools that help, not hinder.

Joan Workplace management solutions are ahead of the game. Contrived before hybrid work was a worldwide shift, Joan devices help every aspect of your workspace run seamlessly.

We’re exhilarated about making the shift alongside you. Believe it or not, we are Joan users too, piecing our hybrid workstations together one device at a time.

The Joan team is looking forward to plunging into 2022 alongside our customers. We wish you a great New Year and success in the months to come.