2 Jul 2024

MAPP's Innovative Leap with Joan: Transforming Workplace Efficiency and Culture

MAPP, a leader in property management across the UK, stands out for its innovative approach to workplace management. Our discussion with Costas Koureas, the Executive Director and Head of IT at MAPP, sheds light on how integrating Joan's solutions has not only streamlined their operations but also reinforced their commitment to sustainability and employee engagement.


A Progressive Shift with Employee Ownership

MAPP's transition to an Employee Ownership Trust marks a significant shift in its operational philosophy, emphasizing a more inclusive and engaged working environment. "The most interesting fact about MAPP last year is that we became an Employee Ownership Trust," Costas shared, highlighting a pivotal change that underscores their dedication to employee participation in the company's growth and decision-making processes.


Revamping the Workplace with Joan

The need for a more efficient space utilisation strategy led MAPP to Joan's doorstep. During the global pandemic, MAPP decided to revamp their head office in London, which included doubling the number of meeting rooms. Costas explained, "There had always been a challenge with booking meeting rooms and visibility of what had been booked. Joan provided a solution that made the whole system more efficient."

A key factor in MAPP's choice of Joan was its sustainability, which aligns well with MAPP’s status as a B Corporation. "Joan’s use of e-paper technology fits perfectly with our focus on sustainability and reducing energy consumption," Costas affirmed. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of their operations, aiming to minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing efficiency.


Joan’s Impact: Beyond Room Booking

With a hybrid work model, MAPP encourages its staff to blend remote and in-office work, to balance flexibility with the benefits of in-person collaboration. Costas stressed the benefits of adopting the hybrid model with Joan, "We found that face-to-face meetings add a lot of value,
especially for crucial discussions. Joan's solutions help in managing this hybrid setup effectively by providing clear indicators of room availability and easing the process of room bookings."

As MAPP expanded the use of Joan from meeting rooms to desk booking, the benefits became increasingly obvious. The introduction of desk booking where fixed desks were replaced with a more flexible system, was seamlessly supported by Joan’s solution. "It was logical for us to extend Joan's solutions to desk booking as we were already happy with the efficiency brought by your room booking system," noted Costas.


The Future of Workplace Design at MAPP

Looking ahead, MAPP is focused on ensuring that their offices are more than just places to work; they are spaces where employees feel comfortable and motivated. "We have introduced informal meeting spaces and touchdown areas which do not require bookings, alongside quality amenities like good coffee and fresh fruit, making our offices a more enticing place to work.", Costas illustrated.

MAPP's collaboration with Joan has not only streamlined their office management but has also played a crucial role in supporting their innovative workplace strategies that emphasize sustainability, employee well-being, and operational efficiency. As they continue to evolve their workspace solutions, Joan remains a key partner in their journey towards a future where the office is an attractive, productive, and sustainable environment.