3 Jun 2024

From Chaos to Clarity: MIQ Digital Improves Office Productivity with Joan

MiQ Digital, a global programmatic marketing company, operates offices around the world, including key locations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. We recently spoke with Dani Gardner, the IT Team Lead for North America and EMEA, to understand how Joan has revolutionized their meeting room management.


Navigating Meeting Room Challenges

Before implementing Joan, MiQ Digital faced significant challenges with meeting room availability and scheduling. Employees often struggled to know when rooms were free or occupied, leading to inefficiencies and frustration. Dani recalls, "People never knew who was going into the meeting rooms or when they would be free, and checking calendars on computers was cumbersome."

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Finding & Loving Joan

Dani first encountered Joan devices at a previous company and was impressed by their simplicity and effectiveness. When she joined MiQ Digital three years ago, she immediately saw the potential to address their meeting room challenges with Joan. "Having used Joan before, it was an easy decision to bring it to MiQ Digital. The devices were universally loved and very easy to set up," she explains.

Starting with four devices in their Toronto office, MiQ Digital quickly expanded their use of Joan devices to other locations, including offices in New York, London, and Bangalore. The straightforward setup and positive feedback from employees facilitated this rapid adoption. "We went from having four devices to rolling them out across multiple offices," says Dani.

Favorite Features and Impact

Employees at MiQ Digital appreciate the immediate visibility Joan provides. "The simplicity of walking up, seeing if a room is free, and booking it straight away is invaluable," Dani notes.

The adoption of Joan devices has significantly improved MiQ Digital's meeting culture. With clear visibility into room usage, employees can efficiently find and book meeting spaces, reducing the frustration of locating available rooms. "Joan has given people more insight into what's going on and the opportunity to utilize rooms effectively," Dani adds.

MiQ Digital operates in a hybrid mode with employees returning to the office 2-3 days a week. The adaptability of Joan devices supports this hybrid model by making it easy to book and manage meeting spaces as needed.


Unparalleled Customer Support & Continuous Improvement

Dani praises Joan for its straightforward approach and excellent customer support. The simplicity of the product, combined with consistent and responsive customer service, has made the experience seamless. "The product is straightforward, which is exactly what we need. Plus, having the same sales rep for over two years has been a huge benefit," Dani highlights.

While MiQ Digital primarily uses Joan devices for meeting room management, they are exploring additional features and solutions offered by Joan. For instance, they have implemented a larger static tablet outside their main boardroom in Bangalore, which displays meeting information.

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MiQ Digital's experience with Joan devices showcases the impact effective meeting room management solutions can have on office efficiency and culture. The ease of use, immediate visibility, and flexibility provided by Joan has transformed how MiQ Digital's employees interact with their meeting spaces, making it a valuable tool in their hybrid work environment.