20 Aug 2018

The mobile app for managing meetings

As the saying goes, there must be an app for that. And with tens of thousands of them popping up each month, there most likely is.

Unsurprisingly, the world of meeting management has its own arsenal of applications to choose from. It’s even less surprising that an ecosystem, purposely designed to alleviate unnecessary office hassle, has an extension that helps you do the same when on the go.

One, two three, booked!

You know the drill. To book a room, all you need to do is get to the office nice and early, slap a notice on the door, compose a polite invitation email, check everyone’s attendance a couple of times, write another email, make a phone call or two, kick out whoever stole your room as a result of the notice falling off, and bam, you’re done.

Or you can use the Joan app instead. Choose an available venue, set the duration of the meeting, send out the invites, and get on with your life.  


Time waits for no one, why should you? Aside from who was invited and what will be discussed, Joan’s notifications feature lets people know exactly when, where and for how long a meeting will take place. By receiving automatic reminders and updates about the meeting, attendees are robbed of any excuse relating to punctuality.

It also makes postponing, prolonging or cancelling meetings smoother and classier. If anything changes, simply update the meeting details. Your colleagues, business partners and yourself can track and manage meetings from any location around the clock.

Not to mention, adding a personal feel to the meeting booking game helps build stronger relationships and makes the entire process enjoyable rather than hectic.

What about the techy stuff?

What techy stuff? Just like booking meetings on the spot with other Joan devices, the mobile app is as user friendly as it gets. It syncs with your existing calendars and does the heavy lifting for you.

In other words, from getting started to using the app is easy. Once installed, it travels with you everywhere and keeps everyone on the same page. What could be more straightforward than that?

If one of the first apps, the ever popular and highly addictive 90s game Snake, was invented to waste time, the Joan mobile app was destined to save it. Superlatively speaking, no mobile booking system is more convenient, affective, friendly and appealing – a room booking dream in the palm of your hand.