9 Jan 2023

Our world-class solution in world-class workspaces

You may have heard that Joan has been winning prestigious awards around the world. But, did you also know that Joan tech has been helping other companies win their own accolades?

Recently, Tech Superpowers won awards for their showroom office space, which they rightfully call the “experience lab.” And, the office management system they use? You guessed it: Joan.

We sat down with Adam Fisk, the company’s Director of IT services, to discuss what it’s like to create an award-winning workspace, along with some tips to make your environment as functional as possible.

About Tech Superpowers

Based out of Boston, Tech Superpowers was started 30 years ago. The company employs some of the best specialists in IT services, cybersecurity, plus conference AV and luxury space design.

With a focus on automation and making their customers’ lives easier, Tech Superpowers not only uses Joan in their own office, but is a major Joan reseller. 

Tech Superpowers reception   

Joan in an award-winning workspace

If you’re looking for the future of technology, look no further. Tech Superpowers has a handle on which solutions work great, look snazzy, and are innovative enough to last into the future. Their own offices are bedecked from floor to ceiling in the best tech including everything from dynamic lighting and hidden speakers to office pods.

A few years ago, Tech Superpowers found itself in need of a room scheduling system that worked not only well for Tech Superpowers employees, but clients as well. Fisk felt that the company’s current room schedules were too inaccessible and essentially invisible. The Tech Superpowers workspace struggled with a plague of no-shows, overrun meetings, and, most annoyingly, room squatters. With clients regularly coming and going, whatever solution Tech Superpowers chose needed to not only solve their room management shortcomings, but also look classy in the office space.

Their disgruntled clients tried various solutions to no avail. One mounted an LCD tablet on the conference room wall. Unfortunately, this tablet only showed a web-version of the room’s schedule. Another client taped up paper printouts of the room’s agenda. Yet, this solution was often outdated, sometimes causing more confusion than it cured.

“We've heard some like, ‘oh, well, I could go to AT&T and get a free tablet tomorrow, and just log in and show my calendar through there.’ But, the thing is really, you're introducing so much more risk to your organization.”

The search for the right remedy was daunting, as 99% of the possible solutions required a clunky installation with wiring and cables. That was, until Joan caught Fisk’s eye.

He stumbled upon Joan a few years ago and was immediately attracted to Joan 6. The device requires no cabling, drilling, or wiring. In fact, the e-ink display is mounted via a magnetic base that can adhere to virtually any surface.

In no time, Tech Superpowers had two Joan 6 devices of their own. Predictably, guests and Tech Superpowers employees alike loved their Joan displays:

“A lot of our guests really, really loved it, not only from its kind of aesthetic cleanliness, but ultimately the long battery life.”

Joan 6 can run on a single charge for six months. Meaning, the device only needs to be charged twice per year. Tech Superpowers loved the low-maintenance aspects of their Joan screens. And, what’s more, the displays worked like a charm.

Joan customizability has been a great benefit to Tech Superpowers and its workspace. For example, the company has set up QR codes to get their clients connected to the onsite internet signal. Individuals simply walk up to an e-paper touchscreen display, tap the “WiFi” button, and scan the QR code that appears on the Joan 6 screen.

Additionally, Fisk appreciates that Joan is compatible with all major calendar systems, including Google Workspace and Office 365 — without any need for additional software or servers. The solution is truly low-maintenance.

Joan 6 Pro in TSP office

The ‘Experience Lab’

In 2022, Tech Superpowers expanded to a brand new workspace that they’ve dubbed their ‘experience lab.’ The purpose of this workspace is twofold:

Firstly, the Experience Lab needs to be fully functional for Tech Superpowers employees. The space is first and foremost an office where employees work their magic. Secondly, Tech Superpowers wanted a space where clients could see the solutions in action. Essentially, “everything needs to be functional, but also needs to be usable.”

“We want people touching things. We want people trying the product — trying things out.”

The lab is outfitted with tons of nuance technology. Fisk mentions Josh.ai, a voice-based assistive technology much like Alexa or Siri. This system helps control nearly every aspect of the office including lighting, music, and blinds. What’s more, the company proudly houses the only JBL Synthesis-certified, showroom-based theater in all of the Greater Boston area.

Designed from an old, classic building, the space utilizes a lot of brick, glass, and old wood beams — surfaces that are difficult or impossible to install wired or cabled solutions onto. As a solution, the Experience Lab uses a mix of Joan 6 and Joan 6 Pro displays — free of any general installation.

Tech Superpowers runs their room schedules through Google Calendar, which syncs seamlessly with their Joan screens. After finally discovering the perfect meeting room solution, Tech Superpowers now has a wireless meeting room display outside of every pod, huddle room, and conference room. What’s more, their largest conference room boasts a large Joan 13 display, which shows office schedules alongside company branding.

“We wanted to make a platform where everybody could come in and see if there’s a room open that they can schedule and work out of.”

Tech Superpowers’ award-winning workspace was designed by Aaron Stallings, the Director of Smart Spaces. All of the interior design, networking, and everything else in the space was created by the Tech Superpowers team.

In 2022, Tech Superpowers' Experience Lab won CEPro’s award for “Best Showroom” at the CEDIA expo. They exhibited the lab through a combination of photos and video, demonstrating exactly how the workspace functions from office rooms to the in-house theater:

“Really, just how everything looks from both the design and functionality standpoint. And, how it’s all either incredibly visible or invisible.”

Of course, Joan was a part of the award-winning exhibition, adding a little extra “visibility” and transparency to the workplace experience.

Joan 13 display in TSP office

Joan’s go-to integrator in the Boston area

While Fisk found the Joan 6 setup intuitive and user-friendly, he marveled at how his Joan experience has only gotten better and better over the years:

“What’s been really nice to see over the past couple of years working with Joan is how it’s gotten simpler to get enrolled and it set up.”

As a Joan integrator, this level of support is key for Tech Superpowers and how confidently they recommend Joan to their customers.

“We can very easily deploy systems and hand over the keys to our clients.”

Booking a meeting room in the home of the Boston Celtics 

Through great experience, both personal and through their clients, Tech Superpowers is more than happy to recommend Joan to anyone looking for a meeting room solution.

Not long ago, the company helped outfit and build networking equipment in the new corporate HQ of the Boston Celtics, one of the most successful basketball teams in NBA history.

When the organization was ready to develop its new offices, Tech Superpowers confidently recommended Joan.

Well, "they really loved them." The Celtics enjoyed how easily and seamlessly their new Joan 6 Pro displays connected to their in-house systems.

With 30 years of expertise, Tech Superpowers is a trusted provider of great solutions. With Joan's elegant design, unbeatable battery life, and simplicity, they can't go wrong. The company is currently recommending Joan to more of their large-scale clients:

“It’ll be exciting to see how they can really utilize [the Joan] platform.”

To learn more about how Joan can enhance your workspace, contact our Sales team.