21 May 2024

Collaboration: How Joan promotes a personalized workplace experience

Do you know the feeling of seeing a coworker in person after only ever meeting them online and not recognizing them right away?

As we ping-pong between remote and in-office days, the challenge to forge and maintain real connections grows. But here's a thought: what if technology could help bridge that gap?

Stick around to learn how Joan is making office comebacks less about confusion and more about connection. 


Why Your Hybrid Workplace Needs a Human Touch 

Most digital tools, including desk and room booking systems, streamline space management and operational efficiency, yet they fail to build personal connections. That’s the gap in today's hybrid work environment.

And that’s where personalization comes in. It's crucial for employees, particularly those who are remote or in hybrid settings, where it's easy to feel disconnected from colleagues.  

The lack of regular face-to-face interactions, like spontaneous coffee breaks or quick chats by the copier, strips away chances to bond and build rapport. These moments foster trust and teamwork by allowing colleagues to share personal stories, casually exchange ideas, and offer a helping hand in a relaxed setting. However, the absence of such interactions creates barriers between team members, diminishing the sense of community and slowing integration into the workplace culture.

And guess what? There’s a straightforward way to start fixing this. Spoiler alert: it involves giving everyone a face (literally).

Say Cheese: Meet Joan’s New Feature—Profile Pictures!

Joan’s workplace experience software, known for its seamless room and desk booking capabilities, just got more personal: users can now add profile pictures to their mobile or web platform!

Here’s how to update your profile:

Log in to the web portal and navigate to your profile. Click on your name in the top-right corner of the page to upload a picture. After that, you can check it out on the following pages, when you hover over your name:

Schedule → People

Frame 531-min

Schedule → Assets → Floor plan view when you hover over a booked desk. 

Frame 532-min

Mobile app

Your profile picture is displayed in two key areas of our mobile app: on the presence screen and your profile page.

Frame 529-min

Why this new feature matters:

  • Say goodbye to reserving space with faceless profiles. With real photos, booking desks or rooms feels more like coordinating with colleagues and less like dealing with digital shadows.
  • Profile pictures help employees recognize each other not only on the app but also in real life. Whether it's spotting a colleague you’ve booked adjacent desks with or meeting face-to-face in a reserved meeting room, profile pictures foster a connected, community-driven workspace.

For more insights into how Joan is transforming office spaces into hubs of collaboration, contact our team.