11 Oct 2020

Pierre Fabre: “Joan Desk Booking app is so easy to use, anyone could do it.”

Recently we chatted with Joel Bower and Caroline Dainton from Pierre Fabre UK about Joan Desk Booking app. Find out how was the onboarding process and what are the first results in this customer spotlight.  

Meet Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre is a French multinational pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics organisation; unique in its ownership, with over 86% of its shares owned by the Pierre Fabre Foundation.  Dedicated to creating health care and beauty products inspired by nature, their portfolio represents a continuum of activities spanning from prescription medicines and consumer health care products to dermo-cosmetics. 

In their UK division, where Joan Desk Booking app is used, they’ve got approximately 50 office-based employees in the UK. Pierre Fabre was a customer of Joan way before Joan Desk Booking app and heard about the desk management solution in one of our emails to customers. 

The Challenge: Office capacity restricted to 40%

As with many other companies, the capacity of Pierre Fabre offices drastically dropped due to the impact of COVID-19. Thus, challenging the whole idea of personal desks and dedicated workspaces. 

With the new workplace flexibility, it was hard to track who is working from the office and who is working remotely, leaving Pierre Fabre wondering how to solve this problem in a fast, efficient, and easy way. 

The Decision: Perfect timing and desired functionalities

Pierre Fabre received our announcement just at the right time – while they were wondering how to manage the limited capacity. 

Naturally, the timing wasn’t everything. Upon closer inspection, the app ticked all boxes for their office – employees could easily book desks and their management could keep track of office attendance for health and safety requirements. The app offered everything they needed, so it was a clear winner. 

The Results: The app was immediately grasped by the end-users

After the initial deployment, the app was adopted without any major challenges. They had very limited issues with end-users, their employees, as the app is so easy to use that it’s perfect for all generations and levels of technical skillset.

Pierre Fabre compressed our promotional materials into a resource for their intranet. No additional training was required.  

Here’s how they’d describe the app in their own words:

“It’s so easy and simple to use, anyone could do it. I haven’t had anybody comment that they can’t use it.”

If you too are ready for an easy-to-use solution for better management of your flexible workspace, give Joan Desk Booking solution a chance with our free trial.