6 Feb 2020

ISE 2020: Increase remote teams productivity with Joan and Jabra

Our workplace has developed A LOT. And by a lot we mean starting from individual offices to cubicles, to open spaces and to remote teams. Honestly, in real life, there’s no way you’ll find the perfect evolution. Usually, we see a mix of all of them. Well, except cubicles, everyone is starting to hate on those. 

The state of remote work

Globalization is leading work trends towards remote teams. Imagine hiring your perfect team with top-notch experts in their field. What are the chances of them living in the same city? Or even living in the same time-zones? Ok, that may be too drastic to start with but imagine enabling your workers to work from home at least once per week. 

Many companies are already enabling remote work and for a good reason. In a recent study, it was discovered that those who work remotely at least once per month are 24% more likely to be happy and productive in their roles than those who can’t or don’t work remotely at all. 

What’s even more amazing is the drive employees show toward remote work. In fact, 34% of U.S. workers would take a pay cut of up to 5% in order to work remotely.

A workplace revolution like this brings along challenges we haven’t met before:

  • Running effective meetings when half of your team is working remotely
  • Keeping the level of innovation
  • Motivating people to stay productive

Well, shockingly the third one is just a myth. As seen above, workers are more happy, productive and to be even more specific, greater productivity ranks second among reasons to work remotely. So let’s focus on the first two. 

What remote teams need to work better 

To keep the level of innovation and your regular brainstorming sessions, it’s necessary to enable the perfect working conditions. No challenges should come between people sitting in a meeting room and the ones calling in remotely. According to a study, we are still far away from that:

The biggest challenges for remote workers during hybrid meetings are interruptions/being talked over (67%) and IT issues during meetings (59%).

Here’s what’s needed for a meeting to run smoothly:

  • an available meeting room at the agreed time
  • the chosen meeting room has enough sitting options
  • technology that seamlessly integrates with workflow (there’s no yelling “do you hear me”)

Technology is especially crucial when it comes to executing the meeting. We cannot afford to not hear what someone is saying. Those technological challenges can make us miss the point or even worse, overhear a brilliant idea. 

The innovation and efficiency of remote teams depend on how well their meetings are being run. 

Of course, there are also other factors that impact their outputs. But this is the challenge of putting together a team that needs a whole new article to get covered. 

Joan and Jabra PanaCast – Creating the perfect environment for remote teams

You only need two solutions for all of the challenges above – Joan and Jabra Panacast. Together they create a perfect mix for skyrocketing your remote team’s productivity. Why you might ask? Because the solutions focus on all the challenges you’re facing and they get you back time to work on important tasks, creating productive output on those meetings.

Book a meeting room with Joan 

Joan enables you to easily book a meeting room and never search for an office space again. It connects too all major calendars and uses your favorite apps (from Slack and MS Teams to Cisco Webex System and Amazon Alexa). This makes it extremely simple to book a meeting room from wherever you are. There are 8 ways how to book it!

Not sure which room is currently available? Stop by your nearest office TV where Joan on displays shows currently free meeting rooms and their window of availability. 

By placing Joan next to a meeting room, it’s status will be clearly visible, making sure your meeting is interruption-free.

Run that perfect meeting with Jabra PanaCast

Now that you’re all settled in a meeting room, it’s time to start that kick-ass meeting. However, even in this tech-advanced era, people still prefer to have face-to-face conversations. And that’s exactly where Jabra PanaCast jumps in. 

Similar to Joan, Jabra PanaCast also works with your existing AV equipment. To be specific, it works with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Making the experience of video chatting seamless and enjoyable.  

Its 180° view will ensure that everyone present is on camera. No need to squeeze your whole team into a space of 2 chairs. The intelligent zoom recognizes who is talking and appropriately optimizes screens’ real estate. You’ll always know who’s pitching an idea even in a room full of co-workers. 

Jabra PanaCast is the next best thing to someone sitting right across from you. It gives a natural feeling and improves the flow of communication. 

Test Joan and Jabra PanaCast at ISE 2020

Still unsure about their match? We’ve got some awesome news – you can test the two of them out at this year’s ISE, booth C320, Hall 15. And, what’s even better, we’re giving away a free registration code for the event. Can’t wait to see you there!