30 Jan 2023

Room booking at Fulcrum: Why Joan takes the cake

Office spaces are intended to support employees, helping them be as productive as they can while working on-site. However, when in-office meetings are glitchier than virtual ones, you know you have a problem.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking to two Fulcrum Asset Management team members: Janek Valgepea, Business Administration Manager, and Solange Simoyan, Front of House Administrator. Initially, meeting room booking at the Fulcrum office site was a sticky situation.  The company tried a couple of solutions to no avail. That was, until they came across the one solution that met all their criteria.

Find out what Valgepea and Simoyan had to say about their Joan experience.

Sustainability in mind

Founded in 2004, Fulcrum is a highly innovative, independently-owned asset manager with a broad range of investment capabilities. The company has made a firm commitment to being a responsible investor and to actively consider clients’ sustainability objectives.

They found Joan a great match for their office space, enhancing sustainability efforts in the day-to-day running of the office. 

Joan 6 Pro screens are incredibly energy efficient, running off of 99% less energy than LCDs. Furthermore, each device is constructed of sustainable materials, including aluminum and glass. Our manufacturing processes use minimal resources and have a nominal effect on the environment. Fulcrum identified with the Joan team’s environmentally conscientious choices, which are carried through every aspect of our business.

Each Joan display is shipped in minimalistic and recyclable packaging. We use no plastic and rely on cardboard to get the devices safely to their destination. Then, to give back to the environment more than we take, our team is committed to planting one tree for every Joan device sold.

Meeting room pain points

When it came to their meeting rooms, Fulcrum saw room for improvement. Employees could never tell if a meeting room was available or booked, leading to a string of double bookings or triple bookings thanks to no-shows confusing the entire system.

Meeting room management was handled by the company’s receptionists “like a traffic controller: right, left, and pulling people into meeting rooms.” Simoyan knew that, to solve the issue, the company needed a system with which everyone could see bookings in real-time.


The search for Joan

Valgepea began searching for a room booking solution that could sync with their in-house calendars and display the room’s availability. While LCDs are flashy and modern, they needed a constant power source and were too distracting for the modern space.

It didn’t take Valgepea long to find just the right solution. Joan’s sleek design brings a “classy” yet original feel to Fulcrum’s office space. Upon unboxing, Valgepea loved the aesthetics of Joan’s high-end displays.

Valgepea: “I didn’t know solutions like this existed [...] I just happened to stumble upon it.” Joan devices aligned with Fulcrum’s key sustainability values. Through careful engineering and a top-of-the-line design, our displays are as environmentally friendly as they come.

Fulcrum’s top 5 favorite Joan features

Since implementing Joan meeting room management solutions, Fulcrum feels more prepared than ever. Joan synced seamlessly with their in-house calendar, allowing employees to book meetings from anywhere, whether ad-hoc or pre-planned. The displays clearly show each room’s availability, purging the office of overbooked meetings.

“We are more modern as an organization thanks to Joan being with us.” — Janek Valgepea

Simoyan found Joan incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. Her favorite features include…

1. The Joan touchscreen display

Not only does the Joan 6 Pro wireless display show meeting room availability in real-time, but also enables employees to reserve available spaces on the spot. When they find an available room, they only need to tap the “booked” button on the screen and the room’s availability will sync across Fulcrum’s in-house calendar.

2. The Joan chatbot

At Fulcrum, the Joan chatbot successfully redirects many redundant questions employees have regarding meeting rooms and availability. Instead of contacting Simoyan, employees ask the in-app chatbot, which returns answers immediately.

3. Check-out and check-in

The checkout feature has enhanced operations at Fulcrum. If a team reserves a meeting room for two hours but only uses it for one, they can tap the check-out button, freeing the room for another team in need. The check-in setting also helps make sure rooms are marked as available in the case of no-shows.

4. Smart magnet mount

The smart magnet mount is what actually stores Joan room configurations. Meaning, users can detach displays and reattach them elsewhere without having to reconfigure the room. This feature was particularly handy when one conference room display ran out of power. The team simply removed the Joan display from a lesser meeting room and mounted it outside of the board room while the power-depleted device charged.

5. Superior onboarding

Considering e-paper technology is like no other, Joan support was ready and waiting each time Valgepea needed our help: “as soon as I emailed them to ask questions about the installation process, they were straight and helped me through the process.” Since onboarding the rest of the office, Joan has become a “popular” solution.

“I'm really happy that we welcomed Joan onboard into our company. So, it's part of our family now and definitely makes my life easier.” — Solange Simoyan


An all-in-one solution for everything

The workplace is constantly evolving. It was incredible to learn Janek Valgepea shares one more value with Joan: “It would be nice if Joan could become our all-in-one solution for everything.”

Joan is constantly evolving along with your workplace. Our team regularly releases new features covering everything from asset reservations to longer battery life. While our solution began as a modest-but-powerful room booking solution, it’s grown to encompass all office management.

Currently, Joan covers

And is still growing. We love to hear ideas and requests from our users. Our solutions evolve and advance through feedback from people like you.

To learn more about how Joan can transform the meeting room experience at your office, contact Sales.


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