22 May 2019

Things you can book with Joan

Like its usability, the advantages of using Joan are very straightforward: you can book and schedule office spaces for higher efficiency, an optimal meeting experience, and the conservation of time, energy and costs.

But wait, there’s more! Who says that rooms are the only things you can book in the office? Or anywhere else for that matter. Let’s get creative.

book fitness with Joan

If your team has access to a gym or a game room use Joan to see who’s up next.

Book grills, thrills, and automobiles

Essentially, a bookable resource is anything that demands scheduling. Sure, conference rooms and huddle spaces are certainly at the top of that list. In practice, however, a variety of other physical locations need booking for different reasons.

A kitchen is one such location. That doesn’t necessarily mean your average snack corner. At KFC Australia they have a place called the “Test Kitchen”. It’s where their staff go to cook and test products. And Joan lets everyone know what’s cooking.

If your team has access to a gym or a game room where they go to unwind, why not use Joan to tell them who’s up next. We’ve even listed our foosball table as a bookable resource in our calendar. No line-skipping while Joan’s around.

Then there’s the company car. One of our clients reported deploying Joan to oversee who is going to be on the road and for how long. With Joan riding shotgun, every business trip will start and end on time.

keys nex to Joan device

One of our clients deployed Joan to manage their company car.

Office equipment and office tours

Ever had an upcoming meeting or lecture for which you had to print a ton of handouts and someone was hogging the printer? We’ve all had that nerve-racking experience. Adding tools and equipment to your Joan’s resources establishes a transparent and democratic system that no colleague can argue with.

Scheduling tours of your office spaces can represent a logistic challenge. But it doesn’t have to. Sending out invitations to visitors via Joan’s warm welcome feature and designating certain parts of your premises at specific times will keep things running smoothly.

Joan with booked equipment

Add tools and equipment to your Joan’s resources.

Spend some quality time with office dogs   

That’s right, dogs. Many progressive companies are adopting pet-friendly policies, allowing their employees to bring their canine companions to work. It’s been proven that dogs have therapeutic effects on humans and you can book your time to take the office pet for a walk with Joan.

dog is booked with Joan

Joan’s office dogs can be booked for a walk.

In case you’re not sure how to book your assets you can read our latest post about 7 ways to book your meetings with Joan.